Zoho - An Overview 4

Zoho – An Overview

About Founded as Adventnet in 1996 in India, Zoho Corporation renamed themselves after their online suite of apps in 2005. With nearly 15,000 employees globally, … Read more

Zoho People Plus Overview 5

Zoho People Plus Overview

About Coming from the production house of Zoho Corporation, Zoho People Plus is a comprehensive human resource management software. However, as its name suggests, it … Read more

Zoho CRM Plus Overview 7

Zoho CRM Plus Overview

About Launched in October 2014, Zoho CRM Plus purports to be an all-inclusive CRM software. It streamlines all customer-related transactions by integrating various operations such … Read more

Top Link Tracking Software 8

Top Link Tracking Software

Using link tracking software is something that identifies a marketing professional. Running an online business frequently involves struggling for rankings, visibility, and conversions.  You spend … Read more