8 Tools for Effective Team Management

Have you ever been assigned a role on a team project? If yes, you will agree that teamwork is usually a faster and better approach to executing projects. With more hands-on-deck, no one person has to worry about bearing the entire burden of the work.

Today, most establishments rely on teamwork for effective product or service delivery. Unorganized and resistant teams go along with abandoned projects, dissatisfied clients, and misplaced priorities. To avoid such issues would mean to have a better understanding of team management.

Let’s start by spelling it out. Team management is defined as the ability to carry out certain activities, which guarantees that a group of people would perform their tasks as had been scheduled.

Eight tools that can be used for effective team management include

1. Slack


Slack is a great messaging application that can be used by team members to stay in touch while working on a project. Here, team members can share files, make calls, and chat with one another privately and in groups. This team management tool has features that can help users keep their jobs organized and achieve better productivity.

While serving as a workflow builder, Slack helps teams build a smarter workflow and automatically disseminate information to the right departments. With an important feature like channels, team members can obtain an organized, properly aligned, and productive task to reach their goal. Better still, Slack allows other apps to be freely and securely integrated into it.

2. Timenotes

Timenotes is a free time tracking application that is easy to set up for notable team management. Every effective team needs this task tracker to determine the productive capacity of individual members. As a team management tool, it helps team members to allocate time to different tasks.

It generates reports of how the team has spent its working hours. With this automatic report, every team member can know who is more productive and who is too slow at their work. It also features an alert system that helps team leaders ensure that every member is time conscious. As a team leader, you can configure the alert system of this time clock app in a way that allows you to know when a team member has been ignoring his or her job.

3. Asana

8 Tools for Effective Team Management 1

Asana is a team management software that is effective for task allocation, instructions, and tracking. Members can sign up for free to connect with their team. Team leaders can access handy reports on the work progress made.

Asana features a space that allows teams to come together, strategize, and execute projects. It allows team leaders to define individual roles in a project. It also eases the achievement of goals by breaking them down into simple stages. This is made possible through one of its features called Boards. Boards let users sort, filter, and perform bulk actions on tasks.

With Asana, team leaders can ensure equal work distribution among workers. They can also prioritize tasks and monitor the progress made on different tasks through Asana called Portfolio.

4. Trello

8 Tools for Effective Team Management 2

It is not unusual in an uncivilized setting to find leaders who assign tasks and practically end up completing them on their own. This is one area that has been finely managed by effective team management tools like Trello.

This customizable tool offers a summary of the progress made on projects at a glance. However, it does not neglect even the tiniest detail as it allows users to insert attachments and comments. Productivity can be maximized through its inbuilt workflow automation. The automation is being run by a robot called Butler.

Trello is compatible with every device; hence one can use it at any location. Interestingly, it allows you to sync other useful applications for improved usage. It is also kitted with ready-made tools and boards called Team Playbooks for proper planning and execution of projects in diverse sectors.

5. Notion

The prime purpose of teamwork is to increase productivity per time. A notion is a significant software for teamwork as it helps teams increase their overall productivity. It is useful for writing, planning, and organizing projects.

Through Notion, members can track their progress on a project. It allows members to share their knowledge on certain subjects. This becomes an information bank for other members to tap from.

Companies and institutions can use Notion to create codes that can help simplify lengthy processes. They can also create a design system for themselves using this tool. Notion provides devices like tables, boards, and lists for users to develop a customized routine for their projects. One can also arrange notes and documents in an organized format.

6. Podio

8 Tools for Effective Team Management 3

Podio is a stable tool for effective teamwork. It allows team members to share encrypted files in a secure format. Communication is faster and tidier on this application. Teams can consistently keep their goals in mind as Podio creates a projection of the expected outcome when all members are thoroughly productive.

This application is also highly secure and gives users the administrative control of who can access their workspace. Business owners can use this application to incorporate clients and employees into one space successfully. Team leaders can further reorder their workflow structure to suit the team’s progress on the job.

7. Toggl

8 Tools for Effective Team Management 4

In the past, team leaders went through lots of trouble getting members to deliver quality and timely services. Thanks to a time tracking software like Toggl, team leaders can now have clearer overviews of how the working hours were spent. They can also do a better job allocating time to different tasks. Toggl helps team leaders gather the best skills on their teams using a feature called smart skills test.

Smart skill tests are developed from Toogl’s database containing tons of questions on different subjects. Within seconds, it generates unique tests for every applicant to hire the most suitable hands. Also, team projects can be planned and executed in a simplified and quick way through its Team View. Members can create Boards to set priorities and manage tasks.

8. Proofhub

8 Tools for Effective Team Management 5

Proofhub is a free task tracker that helps teams stay effective. It contains important tools for planning, executing, and delivering projects in a timely and brilliant fashion. Teams can set short-term goals in stages, which will facilitate the actualization of the long term goal. The stages will be depicted in the software’s Kanban board for clarity and accountability. It also has a feature that allows for adjusting deadlines of tasks called the Gantt Chart. With this feature, team members can plan projects with a clear overview of how it should be.

This team management tool offers a custom workflow where leaders can design a suitable and unique work pattern that will notify members of their responsibility and work progress. The team leader can also control what every member has access to with regard to their obligations.


We believe that teamwork beats hard work. Thus, effective team management is essential if goals must be achieved. We also believe that with these tools, you can make the most of your team. What are some challenges you have faced in the past while working in a team?

It might interest you to learn that many free tools are available, which could have been of help to your team’s progress. Many businesses, firms, and institutions are already employing these tools and enjoying their benefits. Some remote workers also adopt these tools to enhance productivity.

If you have ever used a team management tool on a project, how did it affect the work’s quality and rate of productivity?

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