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  • Simple, easy to learn settings and UI
  • Clock-in via browser, SMS or mobile
  • Group clock-in
  • Realtime geolocation via GPS, IP address or mobile carrier for dumbphones
  • Geo-fencing, even with dumbphones


  • Drab UI
  • Time tracking is not 100% cheat-proof
  • Limited tracking options
  • Mileage tracking not automatic
  • Mobile app not as detailed as the desktop version


VeriClock is a time and location tracking software that delivers accurate and easy payroll management for disparate, distributed teams. It’s especially useful for companies with shifting job sites, like those in construction. The company was founded in 2010 by Quentin Miller and Bryce Pasechnik, who were both experienced entrepreneurs. Quentin started Vanguard Painting in 1998 and has since spruced up the facades of some of Vancouver’s most iconic buildings with a fresh coat of paint. On the other hand, Bryce co-founded airG in 2005. A pioneer in the mobile entertainment space, it today boasts of more than 100 million users in 40+countries and $1 billion in revenues.

Quentin struggled with keeping track of and managing the payroll of his business, given the ever-shifting job sites and schedules. He teamed up with Bryce and developed an effective software solution for Vanguard, saving time and money, which formed the foundation for VeriClock. The application’s adept features reflect the coming together of hands-on industry knowledge and cutting edge software development expertise. Taking a no-frills approach, Vericlock is effective and efficient. It tracks employees’ clock-in and clock-out times remotely using geotagging, to verify if they’re at the right place at the right time. The app also integrates with QuickBooks and Sage 50 so that employee time tracking data seamlessly flows into your payroll.

The app is estimated to save as much as 5% of employee costs. Some customers have even mentioned that they now use four office employees instead of 6. Today, Vericlock has 10,000+ users, benefiting both small businesses as well as large corporations.

Who Is VeriClock For?

The app strikes a balance between simplicity and sophistication, though it distinctly leans towards the former. You get almost all the features you need without overloading yourself. In any case, most businesses that depend on apps often don’t use all the snazzy offerings.

VeriClock is much more than just a digital punching tool that your employees can take wherever they go. Of course, it does its primary job of keeping time exceedingly well, nipping cheating by employees in the bud. Salary management becomes stress-free with VeriClock due to its integrations with other payroll apps. Beyond this, it also offers a host of features that help you improve labor efficiency, with a variety of useful alerts. It even facilitates job verification with photos and voice messages.

What’s more, it makes your life easier with alerts on budget overruns and instant overtime management. The reports are customizable and allow you to discover insights and patterns to improve profitability. All said and done, the app is quite basic compared to many other employee tracking apps out there. For example, an essential feature, like creating a schedule, is missing.


Vericlock offers only one plan with all the features and does not have an annual subscription. Only active users are charged.

Per-user on smartphone / laptop / desktop $5 per month
Per-user on dumb phone $8 per month
Account fee $10 per month
Free trial 30 days


Time Tracking

Once you’ve installed the app, you can upload employee details in bulk through an Excel file or your accounting software, divide them into groups if required, and allocate various jobs to them. Clock-in and clock-out times can be assigned. Once you’ve done this, there are a lot of customization options available. You can set hourly rates, either individually or as a group. Further, jobs can also be classified as parent or child jobs. For example, the parent can be the construction of a gated community, while an individual house can be the child.

Clock-In And Clock-Out

Once your employee clocks-in, the timer starts ticking and stops at clock-out. Meanwhile, breaks, like for lunch, can also be recorded by the system. What’s more, the app also accounts for overtime. Employees can even clock-in as a group. VeriClock also provides an auto clock-out option, so that the timer automatically stops in case anyone forgets to do it.

Multiple Device Access

Your employee can clock-in and clock-out via a smartphone, a dumbphone, laptop, desktop, or even a landline. If they’re using a smartphone, the device location is recorded automatically upon clock-in from the app. On the other hand, if he’s using a dumbphone, he can send in an SMS or call. The app gets the location from the mobile service provider, but it’ll cost you an additional $3 per user. He can also clock-in with a laptop or desktop, for which the location comes from the IP address. If the employee uses a landline, the app uses voice verification to confirm that he’s not an imposter. This can be especially handy if they’re in an area without mobile network coverage.

Three Access Levels

The app has three levels of access – employee, manager, and admin – which is especially useful for larger companies. The settings allow you to limit managers’ access to data of only the employees who report to him. Likewise, employees cannot access any other employees’ data. The live tracking timesheet is simple and clear. You get to know whether your employees’ statuses are at clock-in or clock-out in a single glance. Clever use of icons also indicates from which device the clock-in was.


Geotagging is VeriClock’s most useful feature. It helps verify that your employee is actually where he is supposed to be at clock-in. Also known as real-time location tracking, it offers three different levels of monitoring. The lowest level of scrutinizing involves recording only the location at the time of clock-in and clock-out. The second gives you the ‘instant location,’ where the employee’s whereabouts can be accessed whenever requested or pinged. Finally, there’s ‘continuous location’ to track their whereabouts at predetermined times across work hours. The software displays all of his movements on a map in the form of a bread crumb trail.

The app comes with another smart feature called geofencing. VeriClock registers an automatic clock-out if your employee leaves a predetermined geographical area. For example, you can set the geofence to be 100 feet from the job site. If your employee breaches this, the clock-out occurs. Further, the geofence can even be set to self-destruct. Adding to the app’s flexibility, you can even configure a warning to your employee if he’s about to leave the fence, and the manager will also receive an alert if the employee moves out. Geofencing enables monitoring employees on large job sites, where unscheduled breaks can disrupt project implementation. This feature even works with dumbphones.

Geotagging is extremely useful for companies in sectors like construction, security, agriculture, oil, delivery, transport, and hospitality. To assuage any privacy concerns, geotagging remains strictly off outside work hours to protect employee privacy.

Verification And Custom Data Fields

The app adds a level of sophistication by allowing you to verify job status or completion. Your employee can just take a photo and send it across. It can even be a voice message, perhaps the client’s approval or disapproval. You can also set it up such that every clock-in and clock-out must be accompanied by visual proof. A hotel employee can send a picture to show that they’ve decorated the lobby just as you wanted. You can further tailor this feature to your needs using custom data fields. For instance, a driver may be required to send in odometer readings accompanied by a photograph. Besides this, they can also submit fuel gauge readings. Or, someone working with a painting firm can key in the number of rooms completed that day.

The app also allows you to set up a checklist that enables employees to choose between a series of options at clock-in or clock-out. For example, employees could be required to complete a best practices or safety checklist, or even simply rate his day, from very good to very bad.


Vericlock adds a variety of alerts to ensure that you and your employees are always on top of things. No-show SMS or email messages can be sent to employees if they do not clock-in on time or if they’re not at a designated location at the precise time. Admins especially benefit from alerts, with five kinds tailored for them. For instance, there are alerts to inform you when employees clock-in and clock-out. There is an overtime alert that warns you when a particular employee is going into overtime. Further, TimeGuard alert also sends a message to remind those who forget to check-out at the end of the day. This can be triggered if either the work hours are over, or your employee leaves the worksite.

Job Cost alerts are perhaps the most valuable. You first specify a budget for a particular job. The app calculates the costs in realtime and will send a notification when your budget is about to be breached and notes projects that do not allow for overtime. What makes it better is that you can set a range of budgets. There’s Daily Budget, Weekly Budget, Monthly Budget, and Payroll Budget, and you can configure this for each job at hand. You will then receive a warning when any of these figures are about to be crossed. Whether you’re a small business or a big corporation, it helps you seal the breach before it becomes a flood that overwhelms your budget.

Real-Time And Custom Reports

There are a variety of smart reports you can generate to make life easier. They’re simple but customizable enough to be effective. Even better, the app delivers the reports to you in all the formats you usually use – Excel, PDF, or CSV.

The app delivers two types of reports, realtime and customized. The realtime reports cover employee hours, employee cost summaries, job costs, and payroll. To create a customized report, you can use the reports tab and manipulate the template filters by a simple ‘drag and drop.’ The fields you can move around include information on employee time, jobs, device addresses, payroll, and budgets. Your report can group these fields under employee, job, or any of the service items (sub-jobs) on which you’ve decided. Once you’ve adapted the template to suit your requirements, you can schedule them to be automatically generated at any interval you choose.

Because they’re so customizable, you can easily use the reports to look for patterns that’ll help you improve your business processes. For example, you can compare employees doing the same job to discover who’s the star performer and who’s slacking. You can compare similar job sites to see if one particular site is taking longer, and then give it more attention to get it up to speed. Unfortunately, you need to do this manually. If VeriClock used the data to deliver insights instead automatically, it would make for an outstanding feature. That would take the app up a notch, from one that eliminates human effort to one that helps you get smarter.

In-App Signature Capture

For companies where they, or the regulations, mandate that employees sign the timesheet before they can be paid, the app allows for digital signatures from their devices itself. The system can even generate digital signature requests when you choose.


Vericlock can integrate with any payroll application that imports flat file formats. But, a ready-to-go integration is only available with two apps:

  • Quickbooks
  • Sage 50

More About VeriClock Employee Time Tracking

Setup And Ease Of Use

As expected in an app that spells simplicity, installation is quite easy. Employee details can be batch uploaded in an Excel file, which could include payment rates. The employees can be assigned to crews if needed. After that, you can assign jobs to employees or crews, filling in details like particular tasks. What’s more, the settings can be further customized either on an individual or crew basis, like overtime and alert settings.

Vericlock’s modest layout makes using it a breeze. Changing the settings is relatively straightforward, as are generating reports. Further, navigating the tabs and options does not involve as steep a learning curve as its competitors.

Device Compatibility

Desktop Browser App Android App iOS App Windows Phone App Apple Watch App



The desktop version comes with more features than the mobile apps. Hence, admins must use the browser for full functionality. On the other hand, managers and employees can accomplish their functions from the app. If required, they can log in to VeriClock from the browser on their phones.

Dumbphone tracking uses SMS, voice calls, and Caller ID tracing. These are all delivered via the mobile service provider.

Online Security

The app runs on a cloud-based SAAS model. It uses the latest version of OpenSSL, with SSL certificates. All its cloud servers are fortified to survive fires, breaches, and natural disasters.

Customer Support

Vericlock offers friendly support through the following means:

  • Phone
  • Chat
  • Email

Unfortunately, you’ll only get a response during business hours.

Live Demo

The company offers a live demo for potential customers all around the world. You can book your demo slot by picking a convenient time from the website.

Live Online Support

Similarly, if you’re already a user and need live interaction with a support team, you can book a convenient slot.



There are a host of tutorial videos by GetApp available on Youtube. They walk you through just about every feature the app offers. This includes the various dashboard tabs, manipulating the settings, generating reports and alerts, as well as integrations.


Vericlock conducts webinars from time to time. Surprisingly, the last one announced on their twitter feed was in 2018.


Comprehensive API documentation is available on the website. It covers everything your admin will need. It explains request and response formats, as well as authentication procedures. Further, there are clear instructions on how to create, update, and get employees, jobs, groups, timesheets, payroll, clock, as well as service items.



  • Simple, easy to learn settings and UI
  • Clock-in via browser, SMS or mobile
  • Group clock-in
  • Realtime geolocation via GPS, IP address or mobile carrier for dumbphones
  • Geo-fencing, even with dumbphones
  • Clock-in via toll-free number
  • Digital signatures
  • Easily customizable reports
  • Reports generated in XLSS, XLS, CSV & PDF
  • Auto clock-out
  • Offline time can be added
  • Variety of alerts, including budget overrun
  • Overtime settings and alerts
  • Live tracking on a map
  • Among the lowest priced of its kind
  • 30-day free trial
  • Customizable on employee, group or company basis


  • Drab UI
  • Time tracking is not 100% cheat-proof
  • Limited tracking options
  • Mileage tracking not automatic
  • Mobile app not as detailed as the desktop version
  • User can upload only 1GB of data (Extra 10 GB increment of data costs $20/month)
  • Cannot schedule work
  • Only two ready-to-go integrations
  • Employees cannot create new tasks that come up unexpectedly
  • No 24×7 support


The app is easy to use and performs its core functions of time tracking for disparate, mobile teams, exceedingly well. It keeps track of employees’ time and ensures they are at the assigned work sites. It eliminates recurring manual tasks, reduces workload and employee count, which makes it an ideal fit for small as well as medium to large businesses, where most employees do not work from a desk. Sectors like telecom, delivery, transport, security, and hospitality stand to gain the most.

Further, VeriClock’s series of highly customizable reports, alerts, and verification options not only improve efficiency but can also increase profitability. Besides, the 100% accuracy is real and can cut out disputes, both with employees and clients. There’s no doubt that Vericlock is perfect for firms with high employee movement and different job sites.

On the other hand, the app can easily incorporate a few more bells and whistles to complete it. For example, since geotagging is already available, it should be quite easy to calculate mileage automatically. A few more features, like leave management and job scheduling in advance, are missing. Besides, the total of integrations is just two. At the very least, an integration with Zapier can help the app on this score.

Further, the company has proven itself to be responsive to customer needs. Many of the latest features flow from this approach, and you can expect constant evolution, which could one day see the app lead the way in its field. If your firm fits the typical customer profile, a 30-day free trial is not something to think about twice.

What’s your take on our review of VeriClock? Is there anything you’d like to add? Do leave your comments in the appropriate section.

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