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  • Reduces load on administration
  • Data syncing across all modules
  • Simple interface
  • Extensive automation
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Not suited for small businesses
  • No free trial


EPAY Systems is a workforce management software vendor that specializes in providing Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions to its customers. One of its selling points is that it dramatically simplifies HR systems for companies that operate with an hourly workforce. It is based in the cloud, so there is no physical installation procedure required, and the system can be established quite quickly after you purchase it.

EPAY Systems was founded in 2001. It has since grown to become one of the leading solutions for companies’ administrative setups. It is based in Illinois, USA, and as a result, it offers a handful of options specific to businesses operating in America.

Who is EPAY Systems For?

The EPAY Systems software is an excellent choice for companies that have hourly payroll rules and involve employees working in a variety of different places and time zones. Besides, the software offers assistance right from recruitment of an employee to retirement, taking care of payroll, time tracking, employee benefits, and security, among a host of other features.

Pricing is entirely quote-based. From a glance at the features, it appears that the software is suitable for medium to large-scale businesses. Its clientele is primarily based in the USA, including organizations such as Bergelectric, Crothall Healthcare, ABM Industries, Prospect Airport Staffing, and the US Department of the Armed Forces.


You can obtain the price of the software by requesting a quote on the website. EPAY charges a fixed rate per employee per month, personalized for the business, based on factors such as location and the number of employees. Get your free quote at this link – https://www.epaysystems.com/pricing/.


  1. Recruiting & Applicant Tracking
  2. Employee Onboarding
  3. HR Management
  4. Benefits Administration
  5. Time & Attendance Tracking
  6. Payroll & Tax Management
  7. Learning Management
  8. Performance Management
  9. Reporting & Labour Analytics

Recruiting & Applicant Tracking

EPAY provides employee management solutions that can be used right from the hiring stage. The HCM software offers integration with numerous social networks, including LinkedIn, and can directly record applicants’ resumes in the database. This feature is very useful in speeding up the hiring process. Using the applicant-tracking software, employers can conduct pre-screening, review resumes, mark highlights, and rate candidates, all from an intuitive interface.

The extensive integrations with online job boards increase the visibility of job offers to prospective candidates. Also, the software provides useful filter options that let employers quickly sift through the available resumes and make informed decisions. Once a candidate is short-listed, the interviewer can schedule a video interview. The hiring manager can share their impressions of a candidate with other managers too. Finally, on the recruitment of a candidate, their profile is automatically converted to a ‘New Hire’ profile, thus starting the onboarding process.

Employee Onboarding

The onboarding process is what gets new employees acquainted with the culture and performance expectations of their new workplace. So this procedure must be carried out smoothly and without hassle. The integrated onboarding software in EPAY HCM helps employers do just that. While onboarding usually involves a lot of tedious paperwork, this application takes everything online with data syncing available between the different modules. There are also several convenient features like electronic forms, electronic signatures, and automatic payroll setup and tax reporting that help make the employer’s life easier. The tracking system can be customized to make it easier to ensure that new employees complete the required training and other procedures on time.

HR Management

The Human Resource Management module offers a lot of nifty features that help employers handle costs while taking care of arguably any company’s most valuable resource: the workforce. Detailed employee records can be maintained in the database, tracking their progress in the company. This module also provides a portal for the employees themselves to enter personal data, request paid time-off, and provide feedback in the form of employer-defined reports. The system automatically suggests benefit plans for each new employee based on their place of residence and pay grade. It also helps ensure compliance with EEO, OSHA, VETS, and ACA standards. Overall, the HR Management module makes the company’s operations infinitely smoother and easy.

Benefits Administration

The software provides administration solutions to manage employee benefits and helps ensure compliance with the numerous worker well-being laws for American companies. These solutions promise efficiency, accuracy, and security while handling large amounts of sensitive information. The system helps track compliance with FMLA, COBRA, ACA, and FSA/HSA standards, among others.

The software provides a single portal for every kind of benefit factor possible: health, retirement, life, and disability. On the other hand, in typical cases, each of these benefits would have required entering information in separate databases. EPAY’s various modules support data syncing, and so it is necessary to input data only once. The employees’ benefits data is also automatically and directly transferred to insurance companies, thereby speeding up the process, which means that managers only have to monitor enrolments and renewals, instead of handling all the fine details themselves.

Time & Attendance Tracking

The cloud-based time and attendance tracking software are of great use to companies that handle a large number of employees, spread over a large number of different locations. Moreover, concerned managers can simply access the database to ensure the completion of work. The tracking software is customizable and can be changed according to the company’s and the worker union’s rules while maintaining compliance. No matter how complex the overtime pay and shift differential rules are, the software can adapt to the situation well.

Employers have instant access to the workers’ data, thus allowing them to make logical and informed decisions in real-time. With features like reporting, budget tracking, and scheduling alerts, potential client and employee issues can be taken care of quickly and efficiently. Also, the software promises to eliminate the chances of errors in pay calculation. The automated timesheets also let employees directly print payslips at their work location. Time rounding and manual errors are also eliminated with biometric time clocks, mobile tracking, GPS tracking, telephone tracking, and online time tracking facilities.

Payroll & Tax Management

EPAY’s payroll management system helps employers stay on top of their employees’ salaries and tax records. The centralized payroll processing software lets employers categorize their employees based on pay grade and avoid discrepancies in tax filing caused by inaccurate data. As a result, this helps them potentially avoid legal trouble.

The software also works hand-in-hand with the benefits tracking and attendance tracking systems to disburse salaries efficiently and accurately. It can keep track of multiple FEINs and calculate taxes even if states have varying tax laws, which eliminates the need for a third-party tax application. After entering the required initial information, the whole process is automated and reduces the strain on managers. New employees are automatically added to the payroll during the onboarding process.

The tax tracking application can also keep track of employees’ records when they are required to work in different states, and automatically deduct taxes from their pay. In addition, there are no limits to the number of listings, deductions, union contracts, and distributions. The software can also handle legal processes like wage garnishments, and so the complexity of the process is reduced as the software takes care of the whole procedure automatically.

Learning Management

For any company to retain its relevance in the industry, the workers must regularly try to up-skill themselves. Moreover, several laws require businesses to create awareness among employees on topics like sexual harassment. The learning management module helps employers keep track of the workforce’s progress. It also provides a way for them to maintain proof of having completed the training.

A significant area of concern for any business that handles a large number of employees is safety, and this software lets the employers create their courses suited to the industry in which they are involved. Employees can then be tested to check if the training was effective. The system also allows the purchase of third-party courses in areas like disaster management and work ethics.

Performance Management

The system’s performance management module is useful for employers to track and develop their employees’ areas of expertise. It can be used to create a healthy work culture of workers that constantly strive to do better. The performance management process is usually tedious and disliked by both employers and employees. This software streamlines the whole process and makes it easier for both parties. Managers can create customized reviews to judge the workers’ progress. The automated software also ensures that reviews are carried out on time. It offers a library of over three hundred survey questions that can be used to appraise a sector’s performance.

The software creates an avenue for employers to link better performance to better pay. Thus, they can create elaborate plans detailing raise requirements to improve company morale. Moreover, the raise requisition process can be automated based on performance results to ensure speed and convenience. The performance management module is integrated with the learning management module, so employers can create targeted learning plans for each worker to help boost performance. For this, there is the option to purchase online courses. Also, the managers have access to real-time data based on the goals set by the company, which facilitates intelligent and proactive decision-making.

Reporting & Labour Analytics

The reporting and analytics software helps employers ensure that work is being done on schedule, no matter how large or spread out the workforce is. On-site managers can create reports which are then sent to a central database, which can be viewed and analyzed by higher officials. The software can filter the data right down to individual employees. This system is greatly useful to maintain productivity. It also helps make sure that the company’s expenditure stays within its budget, in addition to tracking potential compliance issues.


EPAY Systems offers the option of integration with a wide range of third-party software to fulfill additional needs.

Firstly, on the recruitment front, it offers integration with the following sites, among others:

  1.  InternMatch
  2. Careers 2.0
  3. Jobing.com
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Talent Zoo
  6. Careerjet.com
  7. Craigslist
  8. JustJobs.com
  9. Glass Door
  10. Diversity Jobs
  11. Career Builder

Also, the software supports integration with the following software packages:

  1. HRIS software
  2. ERP software
  3. CRM software
  4. Inventory management

More About EPAY Systems HR and Payroll Software

Device Compatibility



Android App

Limited features

iOS App

Limited features

Windows Phone App


The main software client is primarily made for desktop use. Certain features like the GPS and time tracking applications are available on mobile phones, for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Setup & Implementation

As the whole service is cloud-based, it is fairly easy to set it up and get it operational. To purchase a plan, you must request a quote from the website, and provide information about your business, such as location and number of employees. Once the company sets a price point, you can purchase the software and deploy it at your convenience.


The primary target of the software is American companies, and therefore, many of the features are specifically designed to ensure compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The required data is automatically collected through the payroll and benefits tracking systems. This data is then forwarded to the IRS for review. You can also automatically generate the various forms required.


As EPAY Systems’ entire offering is cloud-based, the sensitive information must be stored securely. Therefore, the software is hosted on a private cloud. Furthermore, hardware and SQL servers are completely owned and managed by EPAY Systems. The servers are housed in a PCI-compliant, SAS 70 Type II, SSAE-certified data center with 24/7 security. There is also a 24/7 power backup, which means the data is always accessible.



  • Reduces load on administration
  • Data syncing across all modules
  • Simple interface
  • Extensive automation
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Not suited for small businesses
  • No free trial


EPAY Systems is a great set of software that greatly simplifies daily operations of medium- and large-scale businesses because it offers a wide array of features that speed up administrative procedures and improve the quality of life for managers in the upper echelons of companies. It would not be an exaggeration to call it an all-in-one product, as it boasts of HCM, HRM, and workforce management capabilities all rolled into one package. On the other hand, the downside is that it is not very suitable for smaller businesses. Also, there is no option to avail of a free trial of the software. Overall, this software solution will be a great pick if your company is looking for a quick and efficient answer to its administrative woes.

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