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  • The software has a user-friendly UI that allows easy navigation
  • Removes the hassle of remembering several passwords with its Single Sign-On feature
  • Provides network and system security with its multi-authentication property


  • Poor customer support
  • Fails to cater to a large scale of employee-base
  • A lot of different types of stipends, travel stipend, for example, are yet to be added in the platform


Founded in 2012, Rippling is a one-stop solution to everything administrative in your company. The software helps in integrating employee data to automate the working of organizations. From Payroll to Benefits and from Human Resources to IT— Rippling deals with everything. Take onboarding, for example. An otherwise long and tedious process can now be executed efficiently, in a matter of 90 seconds, using this platform. This is not all – from paying employees and contractors and managing offer-letters, to setting up third-party apps such as Gmail, Zoom and Office 365, and much more, Rippling enables companies to carry out these operations in a simple, paperless manner.

Who Is This For?

This administrative software is designed for businesses with up to 1000 employees. Since every organization would need an employee management portal to execute routine tasks properly, the demand for software like Rippling is high. Furthermore, Rippling is the only software that unifies services such as employee management, HR management, and IT & Operations management into one easy-to-use platform. Therefore, if you are someone looking to ease the essential operations of your organization, while at the same time increasing its working efficiency— Rippling is for you.

This software can not only simplify the HR operations in your organization but can also carry the same automation across various other departments, including IT. Therefore, your organization can focus on what it does best.


The cost of Rippling starts at $7 a month per user and varies depending on the number of services you want to use and other factors. Each HR and IT service can be purchased separately, along with the core platform; you can customize your plan and pay only for the services you seek. There is no free trial or free version facility available with Rippling. However, you can get a free 30-minutes demo from the official website. You can also request a custom quote to get your tailored price for Rippling here.


  1. Payroll
  2. Benefits Administration
  3. Human Resources Management
  4. HR Analytics
  5. Identity Management
  6. Mobile Device Management
  7. Onboarding
  8. Single Sign-on

1. Payroll

Conventionally, processing payrolls can be a pain-staking process for HR departments. Therefore, organizations often outsource their payroll system to seek some relief. However, while outsourcing may look promising at first sight, it is also possible that it gives way to new troubles. For example, organizations may have to face tax penalties because of the payroll service’s error. On top of that, outsourcing payroll is way more expensive than carrying it out on your own. So what’s the way out?

Here is where Rippling rescues businesses with its Payroll feature. It allows organizations to pay anyone, anywhere, anytime, and in a cost-efficient way. Additionally, the software enables international support for carrying out payments and allows you to sync payroll deductions with other services directly.

Following are some notable properties of the Payroll feature of Rippling:

  •  Check Printing
  •  Multi-Country Working
  •  Benefits Management
  •  401(k) Tracking
  •  Direct Deposit
  •  Tax Compliance
  •  Self-Service Portal
  •  Payroll Reporting
  •  W-2/1099 Preparation
  •  Wage Garnishment
  •  Leave Tracking

2. Benefits Administration

Known for its smart UI and support, Rippling has proven itself to be instrumental in assisting organizations in benefits administration. Is losing documents and forgetting your benefits portfolio a recurring concern? The software is adept at carrying out everything from COBRA administration to Provider Management elegantly. Rippling creates a dashboard from where one can easily access, track, and avail any of the benefits’ services. On top of that, the platform helps in syncing payroll deductions to services in an automated manner.

Following are some of the salient features of the Benefits Administration feature of Rippling:

  •  HIPAA Compliant
  •  Deduction Management
  •  Health Insurance Administration
  •  SPDs & Section 125 POP
  •  Payroll Deductions Sync
  •  Choice of Selection of Brokers
  •  FMLA Administration
  •  Disability Insurance Administration
  •  Benefits Administration Outsourcing
  •  Life Insurance Administration
  •  Provider Management
  •  Carrier Fulfilment
  •  Online New Hire Enrolment
  •  Online Open Enrolment
  •  HAS/FSA Administration
  •  Benefits Dashboard
  •  COBRA Administration
  •  Online Benefits Enrolment

3. Human Resources Management

‘Amazing HR tool’ is how Rippling is often referred to among consumers. It provides easy access to information and operations in a hassle-free manner. The software enables its users to pay anyone, anywhere and anytime. Besides, the 360 Degree Feedback and Performance Management features of HR Management ensure coherency. On top of that, a self-service portal is created and maintained, integrating all the employees’ data and services. Therefore, making everything accessible in just a click away for the customers.

Below are some of the salient features from the HR Management tool, designed to deliver:

  •  Automated tax-filing
  •  360 Degree Feedback
  •  Applicant Tracking
  •  Employee Profiles
  •  Compensation Management
  •  Employee Database
  •  Benefits Management
  •  Performance Management
  •  Self Service Portal
  •  Onboarding
  •  Payroll Management
  •  Time & Attendance Management
  •  Time off Management
  •  Integrated FSA, HAS, and Commuter benefits.

4. HR Analytics

Conventionally, HR has been more about experiences than science. Hence, HR departments can find it difficult to gauge its working compared to more quantity-driven departments such as Finance or Marketing. But, the HR Analytics feature of Rippling allows the application of analytical methods to HR operations to improve employees’ performances and retention. Rippling brings the best of HR Analytics tools with data-driven approaches, which can provide you with better insights into the HR processes of your organization.

Additionally, this feature can help in gathering data and using them in making informed decisions. For instance, HR analytics enables you to meter your employees’ turnover rate and identify which of your employees is likely to leave your organization in a given time frame.

Imagine if you could predict the list of high performers in your organization. It would help you predict and plan for the future of the workforce. HR Analytics, when combined with HR Management, can help you create a business case for HR interventions and later to test the effectiveness of these interventions in your organization. Summing up, HR Analytics in Rippling can be your organization’s transition from an experience-based approach to a more tactical and strategic planning approach.

Some salient features of HR Analytics in Rippling are as follows:

  •  Trend Analysis
  •  HR Metrics Library
  •  Dashboard
  •  Leave & Absence Reporting
  •  Turnover Tracking

5. Identity Management

Organizations often tend to grant more-than-required access privileges to their users. This tendency may leave loopholes for attackers. Compromising security by putting the organization’s network and data under threat isn’t what the wisest would bargain for in businesses. Here is where the concept of Identity Management comes as a solution. Identity Management in Rippling ensures that only authenticated users are allowed access to their designated systems and IT environments. This feature is also responsible for the regulation of network permissions between existing users and offboarded ones. Therefore, Identity Management is crucial for an organization to run foolproof.

Summing up, Identity Management is instrumental in making the workflow of an organization more secure and fluid. Some key characteristics of the Identity Management feature of Rippling are as follows:

  •  Access Certification
  •  Multi-factor Authentication
  •  Privileged Account Management
  •  Single Sign-On
  •  Compliance Management
  •  Password Management
  •  Self-Service Access Request
  • User Provisions

6. Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management is a range of products and services designed to enable organizations to deploy and support corporate applications in mobile devices. Furthermore, MDM helps in enforcing policies and in maintaining the desired level of IT control across multiple platforms, ensuring enterprise mobility management in an organization. Rippling features almost all the key characteristics that an organization would require from MDM. Remote Monitoring Management, for instance, simultaneously monitors multiple endpoints, thus enabling organizations to work remotely.

Also, this facility smoothens routine maintenance by allowing technicians to administer many computers simultaneously. Besides, it facilitates tracking the health of devices and networks, thereby avoiding the hassle of going from office to office. On top of that, the Inventory Management facility of Rippling’s Mobile Device Management ensures foolproof supervision of the flow of non-capitalized assets and stock items.

Following are some critical characteristics of Rippling’s Mobile Device Management:

· Automatic User/Device Recognition

  •  Deployment Management
  •  Procurement Management
  •  Software Management
  •  Wireless Network Support
  •  Data Management
  •  Inventory Management
  •  Remote Monitoring Management
  •  Synchronization Scheduling

7. Onboarding

As already discussed, onboarding is often a long and tedious process when done conventionally. With the recent COVID-19 outbreak and the resultant pandemic, the way workplaces operate are bound to change. With Work From Home becoming the new norm, companies are trying to map their proceedings remotely, whether by choice or as a final resort. Hence, in times like this, organizations must adapt to remote working conditions. But, switching to the remote mode brings with it lots of challenges, hiring and onboarding being one of them.

Conventionally, onboarding is synonymous with asking people to show up at our desks, making them fill out forms to set up their workspace, and so on. Switching to the remote method would mean everything from remotely verifying their I-9s to remote allotment of resources and services and integrating them to all other office apps. Therefore, picturing a remote method of onboarding does not look achievable in the first place.

Here is where Rippling comes into the frame. The software not only makes remote-onboarding possible but also makes the process efficient. For example, Rippling makes the integration of payroll system and your 3rd party system a possible feat, enabling you to remotely upkeep the payroll and eliminating the need to coordinate with people from across departments. Similarly, one can remotely manage employees’ computers using the Rippling Device Management Software. Furthermore, you can even remotely lock and reassign a device to another employee whenever the need arises.

Following are some selected features from the pool of facilities offered by Rippling’s Onboarding feature:

  •  E-verification of Forms (including I-9 Forms)
  •  Task Management
  •  Rippling Device Management
  •  Remotely Manage Passwords
  •  Document Management
  •  Electronic Forms
  •  Employee Handbook
  •  Orientation Workflow Management
  •  Electronic Signature
  •  Job Description Management
  •  Self Service Portal
  •  Integration with apps such as SwagUp and Social Imprints

8. Single sign-on

Identity Management allows users to authenticate with multiple websites and applications by logging in only once with one set of credentials. This feature reduces the overall cost of the operation and increases the efficiency of using resources. Furthermore, Single sign-on improves security capabilities, as users are more likely to create strong passwords if they are expected to remember only a single password. On top of that, combining Risk-Based Authentication with Single Sign-On adds another layer of security. Rippling comes with this feature of single sign-on and therefore streamlines the user experience, without straining the IT team of your organization. Additionally, Rippling prevents data breaches by enforcing a multi-factor authentication facility for web and mobile apps.

Following are some notable properties of the Single sign-on feature of Rippling:

  •  Password Management
  •  Identity Federation
  •  User Management
  •  Social Sign-On
  •  Policy Management
  •  Credential Management
  • Multi-Factor Authentication


Rippling is a class apart from other HR software platforms because of its ability to integrate diversely. The software integrates well with almost 80% of the popular apps, which accounts for more than 500 different apps and systems. On top of that, the software can also integrate well with other HR software. That is, it can connect with the HR software that your organization may already be using and can sync all the data securely and efficiently to its platform. It saves you the hassle of entering everything all over again in Rippling’s interface. This behavior of the software ensures that you have the most up-to-date information in all your HR systems, without going through the trouble of updating it manually.

Below are some of the popular applications that can integrate well with Rippling:

  •  G Suite
  •  Gmail
  •  Google Analytics
  •  Google Calendar
  •  Facebook
  •  Salesforce Sales Cloud
  •  Greenhouse
  •  Indeed
  •  Microsoft Outlook
  •  Office 365
  •  Okta
  •  QuickBooks
  •  Slack
  •  LinkedIn
  •  Twitter
  •  Xero

More About Rippling HR, Payroll, and IT Software

Setup and Ease of Use

Getting started with Rippling is simple. Whether your employee-base is of the scale of tens or hundreds, and whether you are transitioning from other systems or starting a new—with Rippling things can be done with ease. The overall process of setting up Rippling in your company’s organizational and functional setup can be divided into following four primary operations:

Fill out the basic information:

First, Rippling will require you to enter the necessary details about your organization, such as its name, location, and departments.

Add your employees:

Following that, you’ll be asked to enter basic information about your employees, such as their names, email addresses, employment types, designation, start date, and expected working hours. In addition, if you look forward to using Rippling’s Payroll feature, then you’ll be required to enter the compensation of each employee as well.

Configure onboarding:

The software comes with some templates of onboarding documents such as offer letters, IP agreements, and more. These templates can be used directly or as references to create your own. Therefore, the next step in the setup of Rippling will be to select or upload and configure templates for easy references.

Install apps:

Finally, you’ll be required to install the 3rd party apps and other individual utilities that you wish to integrate with Rippling. For instance, suppose you intend to use the platform to manage your employees’ accounts, then you’ll need to install apps like GSuite, Slack, and Salesforce, depending on the purpose you wish to seek.

Once installed, the software is even simpler to use with its streamlined interface. Rippling equips you with a platform with a user-friendly interface and easy-to-navigate windows.

Device Compatibility

The software can be deployed in Mac, Windows, and even in the Android environment. That is, Rippling is compatible with desktops as well as Android phones and iPads. The platform can also be accessed in Web-Based or Cloud mediums.

Customer Support

The customer support of Rippling has been a growing concern among its users over the years. Although they have dedicated channels through email and call supports, their availability and response time are still a grave concern. However, the company is continuously working towards decreasing its reaction time and is striving towards building a better connection with its customer base. Another complaint that often surfaces from the user community is that the quote offered on the official website is usually higher than what other online vendors offer for Rippling products.

Online Security

As discussed above, Rippling has designated features to ensure security while carrying out operations in your set of networks and systems. For instance, the Mobile Device Management and Identity Management feature of Rippling provides proper supervision of the flow of inventories within and outside the organization, while also making sure that the information is accessed by only the people who are authenticated to do so. Besides, the Single Sign-on feature enables you to create a strong password, thus adding another layer of security to your network and system.



  • The software has a user-friendly UI that allows easy navigation
  • Removes the hassle of remembering several passwords with its Single Sign-On feature
  • Provides network and system security with its multi-authentication property
  • Provides a single-window access for all benefits and payroll to both admin and employees
  • First HR platform to integrate well with IT
  • Automates operations
  • Onboarding can be done in a matter of a few minutes
  • Self-service portals to access most of the essential services
  • Can be deployed in a wide range of devices
  • Has easy-to-access templates
  • Allows customization of almost everything on the platform


  • Poor customer support
  • Fails to cater to a large scale of employee-base
  • The Chrome-extension plug-in requires Rippling to be the home-page. As private information is displayed on the dashboard, one has to be careful while opening their browser in public places.
  • A lot of different types of stipends, travel stipend, for example, are yet to be added in the platform


To conclude, Rippling is an all-in-one HR software that integrates well with IT. The software works best for small and mid-sized businesses and is highly instrumental in automating their functioning. The platform offers a self-service portal and mobile app that gives easy access to resources and services for users. Besides, Rippling’s multi-authentication property, when combined with other management facilities, ensures a highly secure environment for working. Also, the software helps in carrying out essential operations such as payroll and onboarding in a time and cost-efficient manner.

However, there are areas for improvement. The only disadvantage is its poor customer support and inefficient communication with the users. Despite this, Rippling is a promising option for any organization looking to ease its operations while also increasing its efficiency.

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