Zoho Payroll Review

Zoho Payroll Review
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  • Intuitive user interface
  • Straightforward pricing scheme
  • Robust security measures
  • Rich feature-set
  • Self-service employee portal


  • Limited 3rd party integrations
  • Automation features are not adequate


Zoho Payroll is a leading payroll service provider that primarily caters to India and some parts of the USA. It is a cloud-based solution that aims to streamline payroll administration. In addition, it also offers accurate payroll processing. This software centralizes all employee data and gives you full control over payroll scheduling and other essential features. It also helps you automate the payroll calculations while remaining compliant with the respective tax laws of the country/state.

Who Is Zoho Payroll For?

Large and medium businesses with quite a few employees on its payroll can leverage the features of Zoho Payroll to the maximum. If your payroll has upwards of 20 employees, then this software is an attractive option to consider. The wide variety of features can be overwhelming (and at times, even unnecessary) for small firms. For an organization having 20 or more employees, it becomes critical to cut down on payroll processing time. Furthermore, you must ensure that employees get paid with little to no hassles and delays. Lastly, this software is only helpful if you run a business in India or a select few states in the USA.


The pricing of Zoho Payroll is pretty straightforward and depends on the number of people covered. Therefore, please check the price for your team size. Some of the features available for small-sized businesses that have a strength of 20 to 50 employees are.

  • Automatic payroll calculation
  • Direct deposit of salaries (via partner banks)
  • Income Tax, PF, LWF, PT, and ESI
  • Payroll reports
  • Employee loans
  • Payslips and Form 16
  • IT declarations and reimbursement claims

If you run a business with less than 20 employees, the pricing is available upon request of a quote. You can send them an email with your desired specifications at [email protected].


  1. Fast employee onboarding
  2. Powerful administration
  3. Effortless payroll processing
  4. Secured employee self-service portal
  5. Automatic compliance and reporting

Fast Employee Onboarding

This software lets you manage the onboarding process of your employees from day one till their last working day. There are a host of features that allow you to stay on top of the onboarding process.

First and foremost is the ability to migrate to Zoho Payroll with ease. Some templates reduce the manual work to be done. It is also essential to retain the right talent and reward them accordingly. The software lets you play around with the CTC and pay hikes. You can also set the date from which the increased pay should reflect on your payslips. This flexibility paves the way for smooth administration down the line.

The self-service employee app gives them an overview of all essential details. They can track their career progress along with the changes in their designation. And lastly, the exit formalities of an employee are handled seamlessly by the software. You can encash unused leaves, send Form-16, final payslips, and even pay the gratuity of long-time contributors.

Powerful Administration

The software under scrutiny in this article gives you a wide array of administrative features. You have full control over user permissions, and this means you can run your business the way you see fit.

As you expand your business, Zoho Payroll grows with you. Using the software, you can send consistent payslips across all your branches. You can also personalize all the salary components. The software gives you a choice between different allowance schemes, earnings, reimbursements, and the like. This way, you can tailor an allowance strategy that best suits your business and work culture. You also have a bunch of templates that make your work easy. From payslips to personal portal invites, you can reduce your work multifold by leveraging the built-in templates.

The developers of the software understand that you cannot be bogged down by the entire payroll process. Hence, you are given full flexibility to empower your staff without losing control. You can create unique roles for different employees and ensure the integrity of data across various departments. You can also delegate payroll responsibilities and set an approval process in place. Thus, you can ensure that the payroll gets processed only upon your approval.

Effortless Payroll Processing

Spending precious work hours to process payroll is a thing of the past. This software lets you automate your payroll runs while also adding many other features. You can also handle post-payroll processes with relative ease.

The software is smart in terms of being able to figure out your payment schedule. You can choose from a list of common industries and their payment schedule. As a result, your employees’ pockets will get filled on time. You can also set up your payroll to be completed in a single click. As the owner of your business, you are given full control over how you want the payment to be credited to your employees’ accounts.

The addition of customized one-time earnings is a breeze. You can manage employee bonuses and also take care of mandatory payroll deductions. While doing all this, the software ensures that you remain tax compliant as well. Additionally, the software adapts your payment schedule as per government holidays and weekends. This leaves you with more time to focus on running your business effectively.

Secured Employee Self-Service Portal

From the employee side of things, it is imperative that they have all payroll information in one place. Zoho Payroll places all of the important information in one place, for easy access.

In many businesses, employees might have to reclaim out-of-pocket expenses for various purposes. Using this software, employees can do just that by attaching the relevant receipts within the portal. The security of their payslips is also taken into serious consideration. You can keep their data confidential by password-protecting the concerned documents.

Lastly, you can provide timely assistance to those employees who might need it. The software lets you send out and track employee loans. Furthermore, you can send updates regarding the tenure and outstanding balance for your employees to notice. When coupled with a robust employee-facing interface, it makes the job a whole lot easier.

Automatic Compliance And Reporting

Maintaining the legality of your business is paramount for a smooth operation. Payroll compliance forms a major part of this.

The software accounts for the ever-changing tax laws. It also takes care of customized pay runs and employee grades. You can also input the employee and company contributions to retirals like PF. Zoho Payroll will then generate customized payslips to suit your needs. Additionally, you can enable automatic TDS deductions for employees that fall into the respective tax slabs.

The ability to generate automatic reports puts the cherry on top. You can generate compliance reports, income tax reports, and other specific reports based on your requirements. You can also get audit trail reports to keep an eye on your payroll staff. All of this makes for easy and straightforward payroll compliance.


Integrations are necessary to expand the functionality of the base software. Along with this, it also saves you the trouble of looking for a one-size-fits-all solution for all your business operations.

If your business already makes use of the Zoho suite of software solutions, adding Zoho Payroll to your arsenal is a no-brainer. This holds true even if you are just in the hunt for different solutions and plan on using Zoho’s offerings. Zoho’s payroll software integrates well with its online accounting and HRM software. However, if you are not part of their ecosystem, the integration options leave a lot to be desired. 3rd party integration is not available, and this can be a dealbreaker for some.

Zoho Books

This is Zoho’s online accounting tool. It helps you manage your expenses and income from one place, along with ensuring GST compliance (for Indian businesses only) and invoicing.

As far as Zoho Payroll goes, this integration helps keep your accounts in tandem with your payroll runs. Also, you no longer need to update your accounts after a payroll run manually. This will also reflect on your profit-loss statements to give you an accurate picture of your net earnings.

Zoho People

Zoho’s HRM tool, Zoho People, makes HR administration a breeze. It takes care of everything, from onboarding to attendance management and time tracking.

Integrating this with the payroll software comes with quite a few benefits. You can seamlessly integrate your employees’ details and ensure proper payroll runs. You can also push Loss of Pay details and furnish the closing payments of terminated employees.

Direct Deposit

Integrate with ICICI bank to deposit your employees’ salary straight to their accounts. You do not even need to log out of your Zoho application to process payments. This neat feature saves a ton of time and effort.

More About Zoho Payroll

Setup And Ease Of Use

Setting up the software for your business is broken down into a comprehensive 5-step process. All you will need are some details pertaining to your business, and you can get started right away.

You’ll need to provide details about your organization, the industry that you work in, and the location of your workplace. After this, you’ll have to enter your tax details pertaining to the region of operation. After finalizing your pay schedule and your workweek, you can enter statutory information for employee retirals and other funds. Then it’s only a matter of filling in the required salary components, and you’re good to go.

The software itself is very intuitive to use. The dashboard offers all the important information, presented using neat visuals. You are greeted with a summary of your payroll costs, deduction summary, and a few other vital metrics to give you a glimpse of your payroll operations.

The help section on Zoho’s website offers a step-by-step guide to get you started. On this front, Zoho Payroll is an absolute breeze to use.

Device Compatibility

Desktop Browser App

Android App

iOS App

Windows Phone App

Apple Watch App



The mobile app acts as a self-service employee portal. It is also available as a web app that offers slightly more functionality. That aside, the interface everywhere is very slick and intuitive. The inclusion of support for both mobile platforms is the icing on the proverbial cake.

Customer Support

After-sales support is critical in any business, even more so in the case of SaaS. If you have made the plunge and opted for this software, it is only fair that they support you in case you run into snags.

This software offers multiple forms of support for their customers. They offer ticket-based support, support via emails, and phone calls too. You can also get in touch with them via their social media handles on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Online Security

Zoho offers SaaS products to millions of users worldwide. As a result, data security and integrity is paramount to their operation. Their security features are robust and span multiple areas, including employee-level security, physical security at data centers, data encryption, and the like.

Their data centers have limited access and a stringent approval system. It also has 24/7 CCTV monitoring. This footage is retrieved in case of any mishaps. Besides, encryption of customer data is done in every stage of the process. They use a 256-bit AES protocol to ensure maximum security. Also, the use of master keys and other encryption tools allow customers to rest easy.

On the customer-side, you can use strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, and other safety measures to keep your data safe. All this goes to show that Zoho cares about its customers’ data and vow to keep it secure.



  • Intuitive user interface
  • Straightforward pricing scheme
  • Robust security measures
  • Rich feature-set
  • Self-service employee portal


  • Limited 3rd party integrations
  • Automation features are not adequate


Zoho is renowned for its SaaS products that serve multiple businesses all over the world. Their expertise is seen in the way Zoho Payroll is put together. The software eases the entire payroll process and makes it less mundane.

It offers a robust set of features that most businesses can leverage. Additionally, you have the ability to collaborate with your payroll staff and get work done in a more efficient manner. Smooth user experience and guaranteed compliance with tax laws earn this software some extra points. It also has a well-made employee self-service portal. In addition to the web app, it also features Android and iOS apps to cater to everyone.

This solution is perfect for medium and large businesses that are looking to make their payroll runs more efficient. If you are someone who has already entered the Zoho ecosystem, this purchase is an absolute no-brainer!

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