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  • Comprehensive list of features
  • Powerful integrations
  • Custom app and branding features
  • Marketplace to reach more customers
  • Reporting tools
  • Automated payroll
  • Free trial


  • Increased cost depending on bookable employees
  • Lack of flexibility in plans


Businesses of all shapes and sizes are transitioning to a platform that lets them reach potential clients online. Think of Vagaro like a search engine, but for salons and spas. It allows you to promote your organization to a wide variety of customers, regardless of whether your firm is a fledgling startup or a powerful enterprise. Your company can fix appointments via the Vagaro marketplace and take advantage of the suite of tools it offers that will significantly simplify managing your spa or salon. In this article, I take a deep-dive into what Vagaro offers businesses.

Who Is Vagaro For?

Every spa or saloon needs to work on multiple tasks at once to be successful, such as acquiring customers, offering services, booking appointments, and more. A suite that not only helps you organize your service portfolio but also ensures that your services reach a wide audience is a must-have for any organization so that you can spend less time on redundant and mundane tasks.


While most competitors offer a multitude of plans at different price points to cater to teams having different requirements, Vagaro takes a different approach. A single plan offers your team the best of what Vagaro has to offer, but the price changes based on the number of bookable users in your organization. What the plan lacks in flexibility, it more than compensates with the list of impressive tools on offer.

Number Of Bookable Employees

Monthly Cost













7 Or More


The number of employees that require a calendar will determine the cost of your subscription. The plan offers all the features that make Vagaro an undisputed rival in the digital salon space. Vagaro’sVagaro’s services mainly deal with appointments and managing time effectively. The calendar lets you handle appointments, while the online booking facility lets your clients book sessions from the comfort of their homes. Further, notifications let your customers know of their upcoming sessions and other deals or promotions. Vagaro also offers customer tracking to keep tabs on customer data that could help in determining whether they will return.

Also on offer is a marketing toolset that lets you reach more people with simple, yet compelling pitches and deals. Further, the integrated time clock and payroll feature allow you accurately track work hours and compensate your employees accordingly. Also, the website builder lets you create your page from scratch, complete with custom branding. Should you need to import your prior clients and an inventory list, fret not. Vagaro handles importing duties at no additional cost. A month-long free trial lets you determine whether Vagaro is a good fit for your organization.


  1. Calendar
  2. Customer Tracking
  3. Marketing
  4. Payroll
  5. Online Booking

1 – Calendar

Vagaro’s calendar has been crafted with the salon business in mind and is a powerful tool that lets you work with multiple service providers with ease. It gives you the ability to view multiple schedules at once or sort based on the factors you deem necessary. You could also limit the view to a particular group of employees for granular control. A simple drag-and-drop is all it takes to reschedule appointments. In addition, you can keep your customers in the loop with handy notification tools. For regular customers, you also have the option to set up recurring bookings. If you’d like to take time off, all you need to do is enter the dates. The suite handles the rest, blocking your schedule from receiving more appointments for that particular duration.

If you have a resource that is limited in nature, like a massage room, you can optimize your workflow and schedule appointments based on availability. You also can switch between multiple views to get a bird’s eye view of your schedule based on the day, week, or month. Further, you can take advantage of intelligent booking algorithms that let you double or even triple book services, giving your productivity a sizable boost. Integrations with Google and Outlook calendars let you keep tabs on work from your personal accounts as well.

2 – Customer Tracking

Keeping track of the data gathered from your clients is an essential facet in any business. This lets you offer them a truly personalized experience, one tailored to their needs and requirements. The suite gives you a note-taking tool to jot down specific details like their preferences, allergies, and more. This information will come in handy when your firm offers your services to prospective clients. In addition, you can create custom forms that let your organization get more feedback from your clients. From surveys to feedback forms, keep tabs on how your customers perceive your organization and your services. This lets you make important decisions regarding the future of your firm.

Vagaro lets you create different membership tiers, each offering various services and products. Automatic billing lets you charge customers based on their selection. Further, Vagaro automatically handles the perks that different tiers offer. Also, you can offer packages that pack in multiple visits in advance at a reduced cost. This feature lets you retain customers while reeling in revenue. The remaining visits are seamlessly tracked, and the app allows your clients to view their balance.

3 – Marketing

Vagaro lets you take advantage of a plethora of platforms to reach new customers and reel them in with captivating marketing campaigns. Its powerful marketing capabilities let you reach people across Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more. You can use the marketplace as a platform to showcase your services and products and create daily deals to host on your site. Further, you can personalize the experience even further with automated email marketing via text or email, and send texts on birthdays and other special occasions.

The website builder is a handy tool that lets you create a top-notch site in minutes. You can brand the website in line with your style. Your customers will be able to make online bookings, view services, and their customer profiles for upcoming sessions. They can also track their prior purchases. A branded app takes things to the next level by offering your clients a better user experience, letting you build a strong relationship with them.

An informative dashboard lets you see the big picture with respect to your organization. In addition, tight integration with a variety of services lets the suite stay up to date with the developments in your business. It also keeps track of your inventory, with reporting tools that let you keep track of items purchased, lost, or damaged. You can invest more in acquiring products essential to running your organization based on this information.

4 – Payroll

Tiered payrolls are a de-facto part of any organization. Vagaro lets you take this into account as you pay your employees. Employees earn higher based on their performance. Besides being able to create as many tiers as you want, the suite automatically allocates your employees into different tiers based on their productivity and their contribution to the organization. You can adjust a variety of factors that determine commission rates, such as experience, sales goals, and more. If your firm requires advanced payroll services, the suite offers integrations with reputed firms such as Xero and Gusto to automate the payroll process.

5 – Online Booking

Vagaro offers organizations the ability to streamline the booking experience, with multiple ways of scheduling appointments. It lets you set lead times required for each service based on the time that is necessary to set things up. You can also use a cancellation policy to deal with people who don’t show up to your appointments. It also gives you the option to offer a travel surcharge for your mobile business as well. This lets you attend to people in the comfort of their homes, boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

The suite also adds travel time to the appointment time, based on the location of the customer. Should your organization require deposits for your services, you have the option to collect deposits, either before or at the time of the service. These deposits ensure that people go through with the process instead of bailing out of the service. Your clients can easily reach you via Facebook, Yelp, and other social media platforms.


In addition to the expansive set of features offered by the suite, Vagaro’s powerful integrations with a variety of applications help you get even more done. The Quickbooks and Xero integrations let you handle payroll, taxes, and inventory with ease. Further, Gusto saves time by automating the payroll of your employees. Shipping your products is no longer a hassle. UPS, FedEx, and USPS integrations enable you to ship with ease, with automated shipping charge calculations. You can also secure bookings from a plethora of sites like Yelp, Facebook, and more. In addition, use the WordPress Plugin to sell gift certificates and certificates from your existing website or blog.

Integrate with applications from the following categories:

  • Payment Gateways
  • Payroll
  • Inventory Management
  • Shipping
  • Booking
  • Website Builders

More About Vagaro Appointment Software

Setup And Ease Of Use

Setting things up on Vagaro’sVagaro’s marketplace is a straightforward affair. Set up a basic account with the necessary details and fill in your payment information. Later, you can set the number of services, lead times, and other information regarding your business. The intuitive interface on the desktop is carried across the whole ecosystem, be it the mobile apps or the marketplace itself. This ensures that even a novice at booking management can come to grips with the extensive list of features on offer.

Device Compatibility

Desktop Browser App

Android App

iOS App

Windows Phone App

Apple Watch App



While the powerful desktop browser application offers clients all the features as the suite, Vagaro’sVagaro’s mobile offerings work just as well. They run on Android and iOS smartphones, ensuring that everyone can get work done from the comfort of their homes. The Vagaro Pro app is a comprehensive business management platform for your organization. You can schedule appointments, make modifications to marketing strategies, and visualize reports with the swipe of your fingers. Further, this app seamlessly syncs with the desktop client so that changes made in one reflect in the other.

Vagaro’sVagaro’s Client application lets you offer your customers a portal into your online store. You can sell an assortment of products, be it services or memberships. Also, you can offer gift certificates to prospective clients. In effect, this lets you put your store in the palm of your customers’ hands. The Check-in app lets guests check-in directly for classes or regular access, helping to cut down on the procedures and hassles that may be a hindrance to some. In effect, this is a surefire way to boost customer satisfaction and make them return for more.

Customer Support

Vagaro offers its customers a top-notch support solution. A team of experts is always at hand to help you with your queries. All you have to do is send an email over, or call them to have your questions resolved. Besides, Vagaro’sVagaro’s Support team offers live support, which lets you deal with issues that pertain to your setup or configuration. A plethora of training videos help you get up to speed with Vagaro’s suite in no time.



  • Comprehensive list of features
  • Powerful integrations
  • Custom app and branding features
  • Marketplace to reach more customers
  • Reporting tools
  • Automated payroll
  • Free trial


  • Increased cost depending on bookable employees
  • Lack of flexibility in plans


Vagaro offers organizations something that most suites don’t: a marketplace that brings clients and prospective customers to you instead of the other way around. Powerful marketing tools and management features offered by Vagari will give your organization an edge over competitors in the salon business. Despite the lack of flexibility when it comes to offering plans, it more than makes up for it with its expansive toolset. Invest in a subscription and boost your business today!

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