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Calendly helps you schedule meetings without going back and forth. When the schedules and meetings are synched quickly, your efficiency increases, you can concentrate on what matters most – operations.

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Thinking about that sales call you have coming up? However, you’re still exchanging emails to fix the appointment? Look no further, Calendly is here to help.

Growing businesses often have connections with both the internal team and external clients. These growing businesses need a reliable and efficient scheduling and booking app. Let’s get straight to it – Calendly helps you schedule meetings without going back and forth. When the schedules and meetings are synched quickly, your efficiency increases, you can concentrate on what matters most – operations.

How does Calendly work?

Calendly helps you sync meetings with a second party. This synching can be your internal team, a customer, or a vendor. How does it work? Well, that is super simple. First, you record your availability. Second, embed it either in email or on your website. Third, the meeting invitee picks a time that works for them. Finally, the meeting is added to your calendar.

With over 5 million users and trusted by leading brands, Calendly has:

  • Multiple calendar integrations
  • Control over schedules
  • Flexible availability
  • Timezone detection
  • Third-party app synchronization
  • Uses for individuals, teams, and department

We will look at each of the features in detail in the following sections.

Where Can Calendly Help?

Irrespective of which industry you are in, scheduling meetings is a regular activity you will undertake. Here are the industries that currently benefit from the efficiency that Calendly offers.

  • Sales & marketing – Avoid going back and forth scheduling meetings. Shorten the sales cycle by compressing scheduling time
  • Customer success & account management – Connect with customers at the most critical times to increase client engagement and retention
  • Interview scheduling – Conduct research and recruit efficiently and increase productivity
  • Education – Focus on learning while streamlining tutoring and admissions
  • Freelancers & consultants – Automate routine, mundane tasks and focus on top priority work
  • Leaders and entrepreneurs – Manage your schedule and grow your business


There are three variants in pricing – Basic, Premium, and Pro. Off the top, you can try all features free for 14 days. After the two weeks, you can choose to subscribe to paid versions. The Premium version is $10/user/month, and the Pro version is $15/month.

These are the main features that come in all versions:

  • Calendar integration with other calendar apps
  • Ability to schedule multiple events
  • Custom personalized calendar link
  • Automatic event notification
  • Adding Calendly link to your website
  • Knowledge Base access

You can see from the table below; the Pro version has more features than the lesser-priced versions.




Monthly billing




Annual billing




Calendar connections




Integration with Google, Office 365, Outlook, iCloud

Schedule unlimited events

Event type




Personalized Calendly link

Removable Calendly branding


Pooled availability options for teams


Group events


Automated event notifications

Metrics and reporting


SMS notifications



Add Calendly to website

Intercom integration

Integration with Zapier


Zoom/Go to Meeting integration


Salesforce integration



Hubspot integration



Mailchimp integration



Google Analytics



Stripe/Paypal integration



Email support


3 hrs

3 hrs

Knowledgebase access

Live chat


10+ users

10+ users



Now, we get to the good stuff! Calendly is an appointment scheduling software that keeps your business running. Even when your operations consume your resources, this automation will let you continue your scheduling uninterrupted.

Multiple Platform Integration

Calendly can integrate with other platforms – Google calendar, Microsoft Outlook and 365, and iCloud. It can integrate up to 6 of your calendars. This feature avoids double booking and seamless operations.

Embed On website

One of the most important things is for a customer to be able to access a calendar when they require it. To make it easier for the customer to schedule directly, you can embed the Calendly link on your website. You can access Calendly with one click and specify available times and embed them into an email. This ease of use means you can quickly send over this embedded email to your customers.

Integrate With Existing Services

A significant feature is that Calendaly can integrate with many applications. We will look at these as well again below. However, let us quickly look at apps with which Calendly can integrate. Zoom, Salesforce, Hubspot, Zapier, Paypal, Intercom, Stripe, and GotoMeeting are some of the integrations that work well with Calendly. Simply create a custom API and integrate it into your product. Calendly has a published API that any user can leverage. You will need an authentication token to begin customization. Once you get that, you can use the documentation available about the defined endpoints.

Payment made easy

You can skip a step when you add Stripe or Paypal. This feature lets you accept payments from your customers when they schedule meetings with you through the link on your website. The transaction gets recorded, and you have one stream to track it.

There are a few other features that make Calendly a good fit for your team.

Different Types Of Meetings

You can hold all types of meetings through Calendly. Your customer can schedule one-on-one meeting individual slots. Round robin lets you allot the meetings to your team based on priority, availability, or equity. If your invitee wishes for a meeting with multiple members at the same time, they can use the collective feature to do so. If you would like to host webinars, training, etc., you can do so through the group feature for multiple invitees.

Ownership Of Your Scheduling Experience

The notification feature allows you to send confirmation or reminder emails and texts to all your customers, improving appointment rates. If you think you would like some buffer between each appointment, Calendly allows you to add in that as well. Furthermore, you can also cap the number of appointments in a day. Time zone detection enables the meeting to be displayed in the invitee’s location and zone.

Streamline Your Team’s Workflow

You can provide a single view of varying event types, which offers the invitee a choice about the person, topic, or event. Admin features let you set up new team member’s access for scheduling their events. Centralized billing is available for all user’s subscriptions to eliminate individual expense reports. Use metrics and report on invitee engagement and campaign activity.


You can integrate Calendly with your current tools to boost productivity. There are other integrations available in different categories like :

  • Calendars
  • CRM & Sales tools
  • Video Conference
  • Marketing tools
  • ATS & recruiting
  • Payment processing
  • Analytics
  • API & connectors

Firstly, there are apps available to integrate Calendly into any of your OS. Calendly can integrate with any mobile device and works on desktop as well. You can use it with iPhone, Android, Outlook, Chrome, and Firefox. As mentioned before, the app can integrate with Google Calendar, Outlook Desktop, Office 365,, Microsoft Exchange, and iCloud.

Popular Integrations

Here are the popular integrations available with the product

  • Zoom – Automatically generates unique video conferencing and dial-in details
  • Salesforce – Automate your sales and marketing operations
  • Hubspot – Lead development and data incorporation into CRM
  • Zapier – Consolidate workflows and create application automation
  • Paypal – Securely collect and consolidate all your payments for Calendly meetings
  • Intercom – Qualified leads can schedule directly with you on messenger
  • Stripe – Collect credit-card payments as invitees schedule meetings
  • GoToMeeting – Generate and include conferencing and call-in details in your events
  • Google analytics – Include Calendly data to your metrics to measure ROI
  • Calendly API – Customize app integration within your product

Other Integrations

Apart from these solutions, there are a few others that need to be mentioned as well.

  • Slack – Automate and incorporate Calendly into your Slack channels
  • Asana – Create and update tasks as they come through
  • Google sheets – Part of the Google integration, you can run reports through spreadsheets
  • Honeybook – Manage client relationships better
  • Zoho CRM – Update your CRM and engage your prospects
  • – Video conferencing app with unique call-in details and link
  • Mailchimp – Send personalized campaigns
  • Leadpages – Increase sales velocity
  • Wistia – Convert viewers into leads from any video
  • Livechat – Engage with customers by offering scheduling at the time of the chat.

More About Calendly Online Scheduling Software

Calendly has a dedicated page for a customer to access the best resources. There are a variety of blogs, case studies, videos, and articles to help a customer. A customer can also subscribe to the latest news and discover more.



So all of Calendly’s features focus on automating your meetings and schedule. You are not exchanging emails back and forth to arrive on one appointment. The process is quick and straightforward. As the owner, you can set availability, buffer, blackout dates, and even cap the number of appointments that can be made. The main point is that Calendly is practical and takes your schedule into account. You can also address single person demos, group webinars, or webinars. In addition to all these, notifications on Calendly help reduce no-shows and client retention. You also get a maximum notice period for the schedules so that you do not drop any appointments.

Calendars can be combined, which means there is greater visibility into inter-departmental calendars. Because of this, you can mark resources between teams. A significant advantage with Calendly is that it comes with handy third-party integrations. Zapier automates workflow, while Paypal and Stripe help accept payments. These integrations help you automate your business functions and increase productivity and efficiency. If your business is small and you have budget constraints, you can use the free version of the solution.


As with any new tool, the app has multiple features. It would require quite a bit of training to bring your team up to speed on all the functions. The layout of Calendly is slick and elegant. You may spend a little while looking for more features that may be hidden. The features are also extensive, so you would need to familiarize yourself with all aspects of the app. Direct integration into third-party apps is limited. At this point, Calendly does not support branded links. It would be good if there is room for customization with company logos, colors, fonts, and text.

In some versions, the event type is not distinguishable from one another. The events themselves are in the right slot; it is just that small cards represent them. Finally, make sure the information you ask for is the data that gets synched up with your CRM. So, the information must be accurate.


In conclusion, these are the things we want you to know. First and foremost, the data is secure. Calendly never stores any personally identifiable information. To make it safer, the second level of authentications is encrypted. They never access your email. Secondly, this is the quickest method to schedule meetings. It is simple – the Calendly link is available on your website. You can block out your availability and slots, from which the invitee can pick.

There are a variety of integrations that allow you to get payments and even parse this information to the CRM. You can use Calendly on your phone, browser, or desktop. So the full experience of scheduling is available to you and your invitee no matter the time or device. You can use this software to hold individual meetings, group meetings like webinars, classes, or training. Their online customer support helps you troubleshoot any problems you may face at any time.

If you have budget constraints – the free version is a great start. Furthermore, with the free plan, you can still integrate with Google calendar. The invitee has the choice to pick a time and date. There is a lot of control that the invitee has, and this contributes to excellent customer experience. What is our final word? Calendly is a simple scheduling software that integrates with other apps to automate mundane tasks. So, you can concentrate on the most important thing – growing your business.

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