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ABOUT builds products and solutions in the digital space and is based in Texas, USA. In 2008, Linktrack started as an internal tool and was subsequently developed further. Danifer carried out their internet marketing and wanted a way to track and monitor results. As a result, Linktrack created a solution for custom links that provided detailed information. The details included who was clicking the links, the number of clicks, etc.

The product can be used to track pay-per-click, email marketing, and social media advertising campaigns. In short, Linktrack helps monitor each link accurately and collect through visitor information for each click.


Linktrack comes in 4 plans – free, basic, professional, and agency. The free version comes with features like unlimited links, real-time reports, and detailed charts and graphs. The basic version costs $24/month and comes with features of the free version plus IP geo-location, custom vanity links, email click alerts, among others. The professional plan at $36/month includes all the attributes from the basic subscription with conversion tracking, unique visitor tracking, custom domain names, and reports that can be downloaded. The last variant is the agency plan costing $119/month. The premium subscription is loaded with all the features in the other plans plus HTTPS domains.
















Real-time reports

Informative charts and graphs

Links (Retarget)





Links (Non-expiring)

Links (Custom)

Email Alerts

Tracking Report Sharing

Turn links on and off

Reset links

Password-protected links

Conversion tracking

Unique visitor tracking

Custom domain names

Click threshold alert

Downloadable reports

HTTPS domains

If you would like to explore the product first, then you would try a free account. Once you see the visual analysis of how the product helps you, you can then move on to any of the paid versions to get more significant benefits from the product.


Here are the features that make Linktrack an attractive option to track your links and visitors and perform qualitative and quantitative analysis on your links.

Unlimited Links

Using the solution, you can make an unlimited number of links, even with a free account. On a free account, the links are available for seven days or 100 clicks. You can organize them by group, add special notes for each link. Once you have all your links, you can use the search feature to find your links easily. With a premium account, you can track all your unlimited clicks. The data is stored for 30 days for you to access. These links never expire.

Real-Time Reports

All free and paid accounts can access the line item report in the tracking system. The report is very informative about every single click your link receives, in real-time. Details that can be tracked include the location of the click on the link, the time it was clicked, traffic, the search keywords used, the visitor’s IP address, and other unique information.

Visual Reports And Conversion Tracking

You can get free real-time visual reports with graphs and charts so you can visually see the activity on your links. You can identify where you are getting the maximum conversion. The charts offer in-depth information on all the traffic that your link pulls in.

In the Professional plan, you can track sales, email sign-ups, unique page visits along with other markers to track your conversions.

Customize Links

Understanding traffic to your links is crucial, whether you are an internet marketer or a social networker. Tracking click-throughs on your bulk-email campaigns becomes easy with Linktrack. You get complete control over your links with a premium account. You can turn your links on and off, point them to new addresses or add new rules.

Click Alert Notifications

With any paid plan, you can opt to receive email alerts whenever your link is clicked. These notifications help you track important information that will allow you to follow hot leads, evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign, or help you check related statistics. To filter the noise, you can set thresholds such that you receive notices only if the number of clicks crosses a limit.

Custom Domain Names

Get greater flexibility when using the tracking links using Linktrack’s premium account. You can use alternative domain names instead of the product’s name. If you already have a domain you want to use, you can add it to the account and point it to the site. This provision lends authenticity to your brand while getting all the benefits to track clicks.

Sharing And Downloading Reports

If you would like to share your tracking data with your client, it is easy with the solution’s specific feature. With a premium account, all you have to do is select “public tracking” for your link and share the tracking page with your client. They will be able to view real-time reports at any time they want.

You can also download your data for offline use and analysis. The .csv format report works well with all spreadsheet programs. Downloading your data is a great way to keep the data for longer than 30 days.

Track Unique Visitors And Details

With a Professional account, analyze your tracking data and identify unique visitors. With any premium account, you can view the geographical information for every visitor.

Additional Features

Apart from those mentioned above, the following features are also available on Linktrack. You can:

  • Activate your links as needed
  • Create custom vanity links
  • Reset your tracking data
  • Protect your links with a password
  • Set your own expiration date


Currently, Linktrack can integrate with these following:

  • Social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook
  • Google Adwords
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email advertising
  • Online forums, surveys, and forms
  • Craigslist
  • Emails
  • Images

Linktrack offers its API so you can integrate it with a software of your own choice.

More About Linktrack

By now, we have gone over all the key features and the pros and cons of the product. Here are a few questions we thought our readers might have.

Where can I use the tracking link?

You can use the link to replace your web address anywhere. Put it in an email on your signature, surveys & forms, or send them in a text. Any advertising site, pay-per-click marketing site, or affiliate programs. Examples of places you can post your links on – Craigslist or eBay.

How long will the links stay active?

Links created using a free account expire automatically after seven days or 100 clicks. If you use a premium account, the links will not expire. In fact, on premium accounts, you can also turn your links on and off.

What will happen to the links I made before I created a Linktrack account? Can I transfer them?

Yes, most links can be transferred, but you would need to contact the team to help you with the manual process.

Can I track unique visitors?

Absolutely! All professional accounts have unique visitor tracking. These help you drill down into the location, search keywords, IP location, and other vital statistics.

I want a custom branded URL on my link.

Of course, you do! To maintain consistency with your brand, you can use Linktrack to change the link. You can make use of this feature on premium accounts.

How secure are the tracking links on my account?

Premium accounts can make their links completely private. If not, they republished on the recent links page.

Can I make tracking links without coming to the Linktrack site?

Yes, you can! Bookmarklet lets you use our API. With this API, you can create custom links with a single click. Just go to the API section on your account to get started. All the links you make with your bookmarklet automatically get assigned to your account.

What is Plus+ tracking?

A premium feature that lets you add identifying information to your links. You can use this one link to measure metrics from multiple sections of your audience. All you need to do is add some unique text at the end of each link. We keep records of that, as well as responses against each text so you can measure performance effectively.

How do I set up conversion tracking?

Conversion tracking helps you track unique page visits and email sign-ups. This feature is available on professional accounts. First, you have to turn on the conversion tracking for your link under options. Secondly, after it is enabled, select the “Get Conversion Code” from the quick links menu. Finally, copy and paste the HTML conversion code onto the success page for your project.



First and foremost, you can create unlimited links on both free and paid plans. Secondly, if you have a large number of links, you can easily organize them. Any business that uses internet marketing needs to know where their traffic comes from, how many clicks their links get, and conversions. You also get the search keywords used, IP address, and in-depth information on all the links on an account. Linktrack provides all these at one shot in a premium account. Finally, the visual dashboard of the charts and graphs provides accurate information about real-time information.

You can also receive email notifications as soon as there are clicks on your links. Not only this, but also set a limit to filter out too many notifications. These real-time notifications help you focus on the key leads and convert them into customers. With all the information you analyze with Linktrack, you can even optimize your marketing campaigns. As a result, this solution helps increase sales and revenue. So conversion tracking is a plus for internet marketers using social networking or bulk email campaigns.

In addition to all these, the links do not expire. You can also change the name on the links and still keep it identified with your brand. So when they click through the link to a new direction, it is identified with you and your brand. Technical customer support is available for all customers for quick access and help.


One of the first things to be careful is that data is stored for 30 days. If you would like to retain it longer than that, you can simply download it. Easy enough to overcome this obstacle. All the information is available only if a link is tracked. So, unless you embed the link in all your affiliate links, pay-per-click campaigns, etc., you will not get the information required. Although the next point is not exactly a disadvantage, it limits the usage of this solution on a larger scale. The solution works great for freelancers and small and growing businesses. Most large marketing solutions come with their integrated link tracking solution. Nevertheless, this is an excellent investment for growing businesses on a budget.


In conclusion, if you want help in understanding your audience and overall increasing your campaign, you can look at all data of a visitor clicking your link, and information like where did it originate and IP address, etc. Setting up the links is easy, and you can use them anywhere you use your web address. You can also point the links to any domain you wish. Custom vanity links lend consistency and associate with your brand. All accounts get unlimited links, and premium account links do not expire. Shorten the links so that when you publish them, they look elegant. This feature is an additional advantage that comes in handy when publishing on social media.

Any campaign is as successful as its statistics. Leverage the data that Linktrack puts together for you in the form of visual graphs and charts. The solution can be used to track links on advertising and affiliate sites and PPC campaigns. Overall, you can follow links online quickly and effectively. Use the links on multiple sources and multiple campaigns at the same time. The real-time updates provide the efficacy of the campaign – which means you can optimize your campaign more effectively. The different plans, both paid and unpaid, come with features that can be utilized by freelancers or growing businesses.

As a final word, the cloud-based product funnels into sales, because you can see where each order is coming from with the use of the link. Many customers that have used this product successfully on social media platforms have attributed their sales to this solution.

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Ever since Google launched, back in 1998, the entire landscape of the internet witnessed a paradigm shift. All of a sudden, hyperlinks (commonly called ‘links’)


In an age where marketing a product is just as important as the service or product itself, it matters more than ever that your organization


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