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Bullhorn Review
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Bullhorn Time and Expense, formerly known as PeopleNet, is a software solution that simplifies tracking time and expenses, and the software is loaded with features that make running your business so much easier. It is primarily aimed at staffing firms or those who rely on staffing firms.

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  • Easy to use
  • Impressive customizability options
  • Extensive array of features
  • Geofencing capabilities for mobile punching
  • Seamless integration options with a variety of apps
  • Abundant resources available to help you navigate the software


  • User interface looks a little dated
  • Difficult to set up
  • Time and expense features are lacking in the mobile app


Bullhorn was founded in 1999 by a group of people who wanted to ease freelancers’ lives. It initially began as a platform for them to find and collaborate on work. Later, however, the founders pivoted and morphed the software into a CRM solution for vertical businesses.

Bullhorn Time and Expense, formerly known as PeopleNet, is a software solution that simplifies tracking time and expenses, and the software is loaded with features that make running your business so much easier. It is primarily aimed at staffing firms or those who rely on staffing firms.

Bullhorn had multiple software baked into it in the form of various features. Now, they function as separate products that mesh together to form one coherent unit. Large firms can make use of this by opting for just the ones they need and consequently reducing costs. In this article, I deep-dive into Bullhorn’s software and its many components.

In the “Features” section, I take a look at the individual facets of Bullhorn’s software. From Time and Expense to the ins and outs of all accompanying software, I give a brief overview of every cog, including various integration options. Lastly, I list a few pros and cons of the overall package and my verdict.


Bullhorn’s website has no mention of the pricing for Bullhorn. This is standard practice for many SaaS providers. Hence, you’ll have to contact them directly and request for a quote tailored to your business.

On their website, you can request a live demo to see the software in all its glory. Unfortunately, Bullhorn does not offer a free trial of the product. So, try their customer service and understand what you’re getting into before taking the plunge.

To view their pricing plans: For Price -> Click Here

Plans Team Corporate Enterprise Enterprise Plus
Candidate Management and Sourcing YES YES YES YES
Contact and Company Management YES YES YES YES
Job Management and Publishing YES YES YES YES
Email Integration, Tracking, and Mass Mailing YES YES YES YES
Resume Parsing YES YES YES YES
Career Portal YES YES YES YES
Standard Reporting YES YES YES YES
Unlimited Data Storage YES YES YES
Custom Fields and Workflows YES YES YES
LinkedIn Integration YES YES YES
Inbox Productivity Tool YES YES YES
Advanced Reporting Dashboards YES YES
Pulse Relationship Intelligence YES YES
Lead and Opportunity Tracking YES YES
Pipeline Management YES YES
Activity Goals and Sales Quotas YES YES
Advanced Reporting Objects and Visualization YES


Bullhorn comes with a wide variety of features to manage your workforce. As a result, if you are looking to gain better insight into the working of your employees, these are the features you can make use of:

  • Time Management and Interpretation
  • Attendance Management
  • Expense Entry and Approval
  • Expense Management
  • Scheduling
  • Comprehensive Console
  • Mobile Punching
  • Vendor Management System (VMS)

Time Management and Interpretation

Many firms conduct operations spanning across various countries. Such organizations need a clear picture of the time spent on different tasks. As a result, time management becomes complicated, and so does its interpretation. Further, a business needs to be able to make provisions for flexible overtime rules, shift work, overnight shifts, flexible work weeks, etc.

Bullhorn allows for efficient handling and administration of such nuances. A centralized management console enables you to administer all time-related tasks and manage them with confidence. Moreover, employees have a plethora of ways to log time details from various devices. Undoubtedly, time is one of the most precious assets in any organization, and this solution lets you manage it with ease.

Attendance Management

Tracking employee time and attendance is very crucial to any business. It gives you an idea of the overall productivity of your firm. Traditionally, businesses used punched cards, which then transitioned to clumsy spreadsheets. Quite obviously, manually handling such large volumes of data is an error-prone affair. This is where solutions like Time and Expense come into the picture.

The software can manage employees’ attendance. It lets you monitor productivity over time and reward the consistent ones. You can also make use of the data to devise strategies to improve overall productivity. You can encourage excellent performance in your organization by leveraging the software’s attendance management features.

Expense Entry And Approval

Time and Expense dramatically simplifies the process of entering expenses. Employees have the flexibility to enter their expenses at any time and place. Additionally, they are not bound by restrictions on the methods to upload. They can use a variety of entry methods such as email, fax, direct upload, or using a form, if an employee works for more than one client, to make it a hassle-free process.

From an administration point-of-view, approving expenses is almost as easy as entering them. The reports lay out all the relevant numbers in a neat manner along with information such as project, client, business reasons, and expense codes. You can then sort them based on a particular criterion and quickly process the expenses.

Expense Management

Expense management is usually a two-sided affair. On one end, the employees will upload their expenses in the form of bills, an entry in a form, etc. The second facet is the administration side of things. Here, you’ll have to analyze the available data and filter critical business information.

With Bullhorn’s offering, you have all the data you need right at your fingertips. It also does you the service of showing you only what is essential, which can help you save time that you would have otherwise spent in sifting through the data. You can also extract relevant information by sorting the reports using your preferred criteria, which lets you make quick decisions and keep all stakeholders in the loop.


The folks over at Bullhorn understand that you need to be on top of your workforce’s schedules. They devised a novel concept that makes scheduling way more accessible to your employees. Time cards and long lines are now a thing of the past, as your employees can punch in from their devices. The software handles the tedious back-end work of comparing the total work hours with the designated work hours.

You can also manage overtime schedules manually. This ties in perfectly with the time management feature that I discussed earlier. You can view the timesheets on a per-employee basis and adequately reward the hard work of your employees. Simply put, the scheduling features of this software reduce your overhead and maximize available time. You can busy yourself in delivering results instead of reviewing time cards.

Comprehensive Console

The visibility of your workforce is vital for administration. It keeps you on top of business-critical workflows and lets you manage everything in the process. The ideal way to do it through centralized monitoring of all workforce-related data. Bullhorn’s solution is almost as close to ideality as you can get.

You can capture time and expenses using many different tools, but the console is the focal point of it all. Every piece of relevant data ends up here so that users have visibility on every stage of the process. As an added advantage, you can set access levels for different users to control what they can see. This allows you to customize the software to suit your organization.

Mobile Punching

Bullhorn utilizes the proliferation of smartphones in today’s world to revolutionize the way we clock-in to work. Employees can log in through their mobile devices and punch in. The time management system maintains a log of the time to generate an accurate report of the hours worked.

This feature makes it fast and easy to clock in without having to invest in a clock. Moreover, the platform makes use of Geo-Fencing technology to ensure that employees are where they are and at the right time. It also uses credentials and other authentication features to restrict attendance by proxy. All of this lets you determine pay, bills, and attendance right straight from the software.

Vendor Management System (VMS)

Bullhorn offers VMS services more like an integration solution rather than as a feature in and of itself. It is one of the only closed-loop VMS integration solutions available to staffing firms and can serve firms of all sizes and requirements. In essence, this integration allows companies to automate their VMS workflows.

Jobs can be loaded directly to Bullhorn ATS. Once the right recruiters are notified, they can get to work. More importantly, candidate data is sent back to the VMS, and every field is filled in the background. It gives you full visibility into job flow and hiring activity. This automation lets you deliver results promptly and, in-turn improves your relationship with your clients.


An integral part of running a successful business is building strong partnerships. Be it with customers, clients, or even the technology you use, these partnerships are essential. Bullhorn integrates with many staffing programs and other software. The following types of applications integrate seamlessly with the software, to give you an enhanced user experience:

  • Training and product adoption
  • Data visualization
  • Data interpretation
  • Candidate engagement
  • Search and match
  • Marketing services
  • Staffing software
  • Background check
  • Assessment tools
  • Payroll and benefits

More About Bullhorn

Setup And Ease Of Use

Setting up Bullhorn is not particularly straightforward. It does require some assistance and patience. The customer support and the resource bank are the best places to get started.

Once you are up and running, however, the software is straightforward and easy to use. The interface is user-friendly, albeit a little dated. A complete visual overhaul will take the software to greater heights. The customizability of the platform is critical for large businesses. This way, you can cater the experience to suit your operation. In conclusion, while the setup can be a little time-consuming, it is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Device Compatibility

Desktop Browser App

Android App

iOS App

Windows Phone App

Apple Watch App



All the software needs you to have is a stable internet connection. The web-based application is where you will be spending most of your time. Apart from this, Bullhorn has thrown together an iOS app. However, the app does not include time and expense tracking features. It does include other facets of Bullhorn’s offerings. Similarly, Bullhorn’s Android application lacks time and expense tracking features. In a world where everything is becoming increasingly mobile, it is a little disappointing to see this omission.

Customer Support

Bullhorn has extensive documentation of their products. This eases the strain on their customer support wing. Additionally, they also offer ticket-based support for specific queries. On their website, you can also find their email ID and other contact details. They are also available for support through a live chat. As you can see, there are more than a few avenues where you can avail of their customer support.

Online Security

Bullhorn invests a lot of resources in ensuring that your data is safe on the internet. This is particularly critical for a service like theirs. They implement Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure data while it is in transit. Data encryption and server authentication ensure that the integrity of data is maintained. Their data centers also have a firewall and other advanced protection measures to secure their customers’ data.



  • Easy to use
  • Impressive customizability options
  • Extensive array of features
  • Geofencing capabilities for mobile punching
  • Seamless integration options with a variety of apps
  • Abundant resources available to help you navigate the software


  • User interface looks a little dated
  • Difficult to set up
  • Time and expense features are lacking in the mobile app


Workforce management is crucial for staffing agencies and their customers. Bullhorn’s software caters to this niche space. There are staffing-specific workflows built into the platform that eliminate the need for a big administrative team. It also allows for a more personal touch in running your operations.

There are a wide variety of features at users’ disposal which cover pretty much the entire workforce management spectrum and then some more. This makes Bullhorn a compelling option for staffing agencies and businesses in general. The plethora of integrations significantly augments the overall experience. When coupled with state-of-the-art technology like Geo-Fencing and a robust management console, the software sure makes a compelling case for itself. Their customer support and resource bank are also pretty solid. However, the software does have its shortcomings.

From a buyer’s point-of-view, the website can be a little hard to navigate at times. There is conflicting information in some instances and not enough information at all, in others. This lack of consistency leaves a bad initial taste in a potential customer’s mouth. As for the software itself, the user interface feels a little dated at times. Incorporating more ‘modern’ UI elements into the overall design can go a long way in improving user experience.

To sum up, Bullhorn is a renowned name in the workforce management and SaaS industry. This cachet is chiefly due to the quality of their products. Bullhorn is well worthy of the praise it gets. It is a reliable product that automates business workflows and gets the job done. If you can look beyond the minor inconveniences, it is a product that deserves your attention!

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