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2020 review of the GPS Trackit Fleet Management. We looked at the pricing, features and even what users are saying about it. Is GPS Trackit the best for you?

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  • Can be used by large and small fleets alike
  • No limitations for historical data
  • Reporting features are excellent
  • Intuitive interface
  • Free training available
  • No long-term contract requirements
  • Low-cost solution


  • Some users find the customer service unsatisfactory
  • Alerts are quite mediocre
  • No free trial

GPS Trackit Review

If you run a small business and look for an affordable telematics platform, GPS Trackit is a good choice. Flexible service and low-cost offerings make it an excellent value pick.

Aside from simple feedback and navigational tools, it comes with a wide range of fleet management and tracking features that make it easier to monitor vehicles. GPS Trackit provides 24/7 coverage powering and protecting your business.

The most notable features include accident and vehicle tracking, as well as fuel and driver management. By using these extraordinary features, the users can benefit from comprehensive reporting and monitoring in real-time. That’s not all.

GPS Trackit also enables fleets to meet the ELD mandate requirements and keep working without violating the law. In fact, the company offers electronic logging devices that allow the users to comply with the ELD mandate.

Basically, this fleet management system combines a mobile application and GPS tracking hardware to ensure compliance. What’s more, GPS Trackit is among the 500 most popular Project Management Software solutions on the market.

Is this something you are looking for? If you want to find out more about this awesome telematics solution, keep reading to reveal other facts. We assure you that it is worth reading.

A Few Words About the Company

Before diving into the detailed review of the GPS Trackit solution, let’s shed some light on the company that offers this service. So, let’s see what sets this award-winning company apart from the competition.

Not many telematics companies have an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). GPS Trackit not only has high scores but is also accredited. The company boasts a strong reputation, and it got a lot of positive online reviews.

This is one of the leaders in cloud-based asset and fleet monitoring, management, and telematics solutions. GPS Trackit delivers measurable Return on Investment (ROI) to a large number of businesses and enterprises across the United States.

GPS Trackit has been named one of the Best Fleet Tracking Solutions in 2019 (by Business News Daily). Lastly, let’s mention that the company has a growing family of brands, including TSO Mobile and InTouch GPS.

GPS Trackit Features

Now that you know more about the company behind this solution, it is time to reveal some of the best features of GPS Trackit. Take a look below!

  • Fuel performance: You can analyze and optimize your fuel performance with GPS Trackit fleet management service.
  • Safety features: GPS Trackit provides driver safety, vehicle health, and a lot of useful reports to their clients.
  • Maintenance: Besides safety reporting features, there are fleet management reports for vehicle diagnostics as well.
  • Alerts and reminders: The service is accessible from tablets as well as mobile phones. You can get alerts for idling, speeding, ignition, and more.

A Wide Range of Fleet Management Tools

GPS Trackit comes with a full spectrum of online tools that are designed specifically for fleets. With all of these tools, managing a fleet has never been simpler, even if it has a lot of vehicles and users.

We will check out some of the most valuable tools that are particularly helpful for fleets – for both drivers and fleet managers. Here they are!

Powerful Business Intelligence

With the incredible services from GPS Trackit, it is now easier to empower your fleet. Empowering your fleet with cutting-edge technology is one of the best customizable features.

The versatile fleet management relies on software that is completely backed by live support, mobile access, and online collaboration. These easy to master things gives a hassle-free fleet management solution to customers.

In addition, they also provide a bird’s eye view of the entire operation with different interactive maps and things like breadcrumb trails. It lets fleet managers locate the nearest vehicles at any given point.

Detailed Interactive Maps

Stop worrying about where your fleet and important assets are. With this GPS Trackit service, you can track your fleet whenever you want. It comes with a detailed application packed up with features that are easy to use and beneficial for the customers.

The dynamic interactive maps are powered by Google Maps. As you use tools like Geofences, monitoring your fleet’s whereabouts is going to be easier than ever.

Besides, with this fantastic feature, you can take advantage of different off-limits. These off-limits include bars, adult entertainment facilities, as well as the driver’s location.

Customized Automation

Customized automation is another fantastic feature of GPS Trackit service. Through this fleet management service, you will easily automate the things you do regularly with just a few simple clicks. This auto customization will help you save you time and money.

The fully loaded reporting feature (see the next point) will allow you to create, edit, and print the custom reports for different types of data. That will help you keep your fleet managed and organized without the clutter of information.

The automated reporting feature will also make it easier for you to deliver reports directly into your notification box or in your inbox.

With GPS Trackit application, you can reduce the number of things you do manually every day. Now, you will stop wasting time and concentrate on more important tasks.

Robust Reporting

With this excellent feature, the users can streamline their fleet using a vast range of data-rich reports and customizable tools. GPS Trackit system gives customers everything they need to manage their fleet properly and effectively.

Robust reporting tools and systems provide detailed reports on the entire fleet as well as individual information. You can get an individual driver scorecard with this fleet management. This individual driver scorecard will tell you if there are reckless or dangerous driving habits within your fleet.

This will also help you understand the fuel consumption of your vehicles and increase fuel efficiency. It will allow you to discover the least and the most fuel-consuming vehicles.

The fleet management with GPS Trackit is easier than ever. It will provide you with numbers and statistics that are important for your business.

You will get real-time temperature reports, explore on-demands, view the speed and safety reports for your drivers. Moreover, you will also get the details on miles driven per state to track the fuel taxes.

Asset & Vehicle Theft Protection

You can now protect your assets with 24/7 visibility. This is another incredible feature you will like while using GPS Trackit. Monitor your assets, get alerts during off-hours. Aside from theft detection, it also detects any unauthorized movements.

This real-time fleet tracking solution can offer you so many things, such as monitoring your drivers. It can also provide you with the ability to protect your vehicles as well as other valuable assets.

As it turned out, vehicles implying GPS tracking technology have experienced quicker theft recoveries and less damage than those that don’t use it. By providing asset and vehicle theft protection, this solution will keep your business moving with greater security.

GPS Trackit Benefits: How Can You Benefit from It?

GPS Trackit provides a smooth fleet management service to thousands of their clients. With this amazing fleet management service, enterprises can easily trace and monitor their vehicles with data pertaining to timings, locations, and performance.

GPS Trackit comes with a fleet management application that features a nice user interface. The fleet advisor feature of this application provides the customer service and training as well.

These things, along with the features and tools mentioned earlier, have made GPS Trackit one of the most popular fleet management solutions on the market these days.

What People Said About the GPS Trackit

Based on the customer reviews, we have listed the main disadvantages and the best things about GPS Trackit. Take a look below!


  • Can be used by large and small fleets alike – While this fleet tracking software is most suitable for smaller fleets, the large ones can also use it for their operations.
  • No limitations for historical data – Through history tabs, this GPS tracking software provides a great deal of historical data.
  • Reporting features are excellent – Robust reporting is presumably the best thing about this fleet management solution. There is an array of customizable data-rich reporting tools. In addition to real-time and on-demand safety reports, fleet managers can gain insight into the average speed and track fuel taxes by getting information on miles driven.
  • Intuitive interface – GPS Trackit app boasts an easy-to-use interface that features interactive maps, charts, updates, history tabs, and much more. That allows just about anyone – even those without any prior experience and knowledge – to use this solution without a hitch.
  • Free training available – Although the platform is not difficult to use, some training always comes in useful. The good news is that the company offers free online training to its clients. Take advantage of this opportunity!
  • No long-term contract requirements – This is another thing that makes this solution more appealing and attractive. Use it as long as you want without getting tied up in long term contracts.
  • Low-cost solution – This full-fledged service is designed to be affordable and convenient for those on a budget. It is modestly priced compared to other fleet management services. There are no contract requirements, and it doesn’t come with activation fees.


  • Some users find the customer service unsatisfactory – Customer service could be better in terms of availability and professionalism. The online service lacks consistency. Nevertheless, most users find it to be satisfactory.
  • Alerts are quite mediocre – In addition to the maintenance reminders, the users can also set a variety of customizable alerts for things like ignition, speeding, idling. While these alerts are very useful, there is still room for improvement.
  • No free trial – Unlike some of its competitors, GPS Trackit doesn’t offer a free trial.
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Pricing & Packages: How Much Does the GPS Trackit Cost?

Many people like GPS Trackit because it’s a transparent company. Unlike other fleet-based companies, they don’t hide pricing information. This will save you the hassle of going through the bothersome sale process to find out the price.

GPS Trackit has clearly listed the contract structure and pricing on their website. As far as the fleet management is concerned, the price is $23.95 per month. Once you have committed to their services, you’ll get a lot of benefits like:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No contract requirements
  • No activation fees
  • Unlimited users
  • Free training

Not many companies in this industry offer a money-back guarantee. With a 30-day money-back guarantee and no contract requirements, GPS Trackit is considered to be a highly flexible tracking solution. It does not compromise functionality and quality.

There is no minimum with regard to vehicles, meaning even the small businesses with just two or three vehicles can partner with this company. Also, there is no vehicle maximum, so you will be able to cover unlimited users by this solution. This is a great thing for large fleets with a lot of users.

Summary: Why Buy GPS Trackit?

Now that you know all the important facts about GPS Trackit, you can easily decide whether or not to invest in this fleet tracking solution. If you didn’t read through the GPS Trackit review, we will break it down for you to help you understand what benefits you may get by using this telematics solution.

You will reap the benefits like a money-back warranty and month-to-month fleet management services. Besides that, you will also get a transparent contract and pricing structure.

Not all that the GPS Trackit provides online transparency about its plans and prices, but it also offers detailed vehicle diagnostics and complete ELD compliance along with a lot of safety features and fleet management tools. Things like preventative vehicle maintenance, fuel efficiency, and optimization of routes are some of the key features you can benefit from.

Who should use it? It is perfect for small fleet businesses and owner-operators who would like to implement GPS based tracking with minimal financial investment. GPS Trackit lets them use almost all the robust features large enterprises have been enjoying for years.