Azuga Fleet Review
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  • Great data reporting functionality
  • No up-front costs
  • Streamlined communication
  • Good for fleets of all types and sizes
  • A lot of safety features
  • Self-installable hardware included


  • Azuga module is prone to disconnecting
  • Could be expensive for small fleets
  • No free trials

Azuga Fleet Review

You may have several or dozens of tucks out in the field, depending on what type of business you’re running. There are many different ways to track multiple vehicles at a time. However, your best bet is to use a comprehensive fleet management solution that combines a variety of tools.

Most solutions give task management functionality, allowing businesses to set a due date, assign drivers, create tasks, and much more. They usually track fleet activities, such as speed, routes, and vehicle location, through mobile apps.

Some solutions come with trackers that plug into the diagnostic ports of the vehicles to track data on vehicle health, including information on the odometer, battery, and engine status. Others come with electronic logging devices to ensure compliance with the ELD mandate. Not all solutions include devices with a subscription, though.

So, before choosing fleet management or tracking solution for your business, you should have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. There’s no one size fits all. Fleet management covers many different tasks, so you need to know what’s really important to you when looking for the best platform or software for your business.

In this in-depth review, we will shed some light on the Azuga Fleet. Read it carefully before making up your mind. We will help you find out whether this fleet management solution is a good choice for you.

A Few Words About the Company

Azuga provides coordinate recovery and asset monitoring while helping companies service and locate any deployed asset. From construction and landscaping to public services and transportation, Azuga offers solutions across industries.

In addition to different kinds of hardware (dashcams, e-logs, plug-and-play devices, and more), Azuga also offers advanced software that lets businesses group their assets by geography or type. There is a wide range of fleet telematics services that come with very flexible contract structures.

In the table below, we have broken down Azuga solutions and features into four categories.

Solution Key Features Price
Small Business Fleet Tracking Adaptable Interface, Real-Time Tracking, Easy Installation, Outstanding Support Check It Out
Enterprise Fleet Tracking Simplified Contracts, Easy Installation, Award-Winning Support Check It Out
Insurance Telematics Driver Score, Insurance Score, and Accident Risk Check It Out
Road Usage Charging Programs (Azuga Insight) Location-enabled mileage recording, road maintenance assessment, road maintenance funding Check It Out

What Is Azuga Fleet?

It’s all about asset tracking. Azuga Fleet is a fleet management solution that leverages the power of vehicle diagnostics, driver rewards, and GPS tracking to provide fleets with a system that makes the job easier and safer.

This awesome cloud-based system tracks, analyzes, and reports every mile, stop, vehicle, and driver to improve efficiency and safety at every turn. It is designed to refresh every 30 seconds, allowing users to view traffic and weather data on the map screen.

As a result, fleets can reduce fuel costs, increase safety, and eliminate off-hours unauthorized usage. The core features of the software include fleet tracking, data analytics, insurance telematics, and asset management.

Best Suited For

Azuga Fleet caters to different industries, including manufacturing, transportation, equipment rental, specialty contractors, pest control, construction, and commercial security. Businesses of all sizes can use this fleet management solution.

Azuga is used by companies to improve customer service, monitor the history of maintenance, enhance vehicle safety, etc. It is perfect for fleet managers and operators who would like to keep track of vehicles and stay efficient all the time.

Azuga Fleet is particularly useful for those businesses with a focus on driver safety, considering its gamification approach to safety standards. Furthermore, this solution also helps business owners and owner-operators prevent theft and monitor their assets.

Core Features

There is an extensive range of features and functions available. The primary features include safety management, maintenance management, fleet tracking, reporting, electronic logs, asset tracking, dashboard creation, employee reward programs, and roadside assistance.

Let’s take a closer look at the most important features and see how to get the most out of them.

GPS Tracking

Azuga Fleet Review 2

Like other fleet management solutions, Azuga offers GPS capability, allowing businesses to keep tabs on their vehicles and assets at all times. This way, fleet managers can know where their trucks are at any point.

The solution offers asset tracking features to fleet operators that can increase productivity and optimize dispatch cycles. The asset tracking functionality can be used for vehicle dispatching, and it can help boost productivity and optimize cycle times.

Customizable Dashboards

The dashboards are not only fully customizable but also separated into different tiles that include things like billing cycle, driver scores, location, and vehicle health. Azuga Fleet toolbar is sleek, whereas the maps feature bird’s eye views that make it easy to pinpoint each vehicle.

The reports and dashboards for repair and maintenance schedules can help you reduce or avoid repair costs. Customize dashboards according to your needs and make use of them.

Safety Features

Azuga encourages secure driving habits by monitoring and measuring unsafe driving practices. It can generate scorecards for all drivers based on parameters like idling, braking, and speeding. This can reduce accident rates.

The fleet managers can easily compare the performances of their drivers and give rewards to the highest performing drivers. This is achievable through employee reward programs and gift cards.

Azuga also harnesses the power of technology that reduces driving distractions to prevent drivers from calling or writing messages while driving. The goal is to prevent crashes and save lives.

The SpeedSafe feature is aimed at tracking vehicle speed. Fleet managers receive alerts when a driver doesn’t follow the required speed on local streets or certain zones.

The software captures and tags data on multiple points for each tour, including starting points, total stops, locations, destinations, and distances. Moreover, the system can inhibit unauthorized use of vehicles by sending notifications to managers if any of the fleet vehicles aren’t permitted for use.

Two-Way Messaging

Managers can contact drivers and vice versa using this software. That makes it easier for them to dispatch jobs and quickly convey any changes. Additionally, drivers can send messages to each other.

They can also access forms and data using the Azuga mobile app. This is an effective way to create custom form templates or access mapping tools and time cards. All of this results in improved communication.

What Makes Azuga Fleet Different from Other Fleet Management Solutions

While there are a lot of solutions for fleet tracking and optimization, not many companies have impressive asset telematics. This sets Azuga Fleet apart from the rest and makes it one of the best asset telematics solutions these days.

Azuga provides FMS safety features that stand out above the crowd. It has a unique gamification approach to standards pertaining to driver safety. This solution offers the ability to reward the top performers within the fleet utilizing gift cards. That makes it different from most fleet management solutions out there.

How Does It Work?

The users can access Azuga Fleet on mobile devices through applications for Android/iOS devices or using the web interface. This software provides APIs, meaning it can be integrated with ERP systems and third-party applications too.

This system comprises Azuga Fleet, Azuga FleetMobile, and Azuga Trackers. Let’s see how each component works:

  • Azuga Fleet – After logging into this GPS tracking software, you will instantly gain insight into all of your operations. From accountability and safety to fleet efficiency and driver rewards, you will get helpful analytics on the entire fleet.
  • Azuga FleetMobile – It will keep your fleet running efficiently from beginning to end of each shift. With this mobile app, drivers can log trips, simplify timecards, track safety scores, and more using their mobile devices. Fleet managers, on the other hand, can reward those drivers who get the job done right.
  • Azuga Trackers – Simply plug these tracking devices into the OBD-II ports of your vehicles and start capturing diagnostic information straight away. Unlike some trackers, Azuga Tracker doesn’t involve any installation service. No downtime!

Setup: How to Set it Up

  • Step 1 – Sign up for your program: Sign up for the Azuga program that is supported in your state and fits your needs. You will receive Azuga devices and instructions via email.
  • Step 2 – Install the Azuga device(s): Plug the Azuga device(s) into the OBDII ports of your vehicle(s) or follow alternative instructions.
  • Step 3 – Open Azuga account: You need to set up the Azuga account and log in. Thereafter, you will get access to private information and charges like trip stats, driving scores, and so on.
  • Step 4 – Transmit and track mileage: Data and documents required for RUC (Road usage charging) are sent securely and automatically. Such data transmission will protect your privacy.

Azuga Fleet Benefits

  • Fuel conservation: Take advantage of this solution to eliminate waste miles on all the trips to save fuel and prevent unauthorized vehicle usage. The platform can help drivers locate the nearest gas stations, and thus save on fuel.
  • Increased productivity and reduced costs: It can help companies cut back on bad or unsafe driver habits that cost their company money and put pressure on their budget. On the other hand, asset tracking enables fleets to optimize their dispatch cycles and thus boost productivity.
  • Improved vehicle and driver safety: Azuga allows fleets to minimize accident instances by tracking, gauging, and preventing dangerous driving habits. The system rewards good driving practices based on criteria like speeding and braking. It also utilizes technology that prevents driving distractions, like calling and texting.

ELD Compliance

Azuga also offers features that ensure compliance with federal regulations and laws. Azuga provides plug-and-play trackers and electronic logging devices that can be fitted into the standard OBD-II ports.

The e-Logs can be used in almost all commercial motor vehicles. They allow drivers to complete their DVIR, log hours of service, and comply with the ELD mandate. This not only ensures that the duty statuses are accurate but also minimizes paperwork.

You can either use e-Logs separately or pair them with the tracking software offered by the Azuga Fleet as an add-on.


  • Great data reporting functionality
  • No up-front costs
  • Streamlined communication
  • Good for fleets of all types and sizes
  • A lot of safety features
  • Self-installable hardware included


  • Azuga module is prone to disconnecting
  • Could be expensive for small fleets
  • No free trials

Pricing and Plans

There are three quote-based plans to choose from: BasicFleet, SafeFleet (most popular), and CompleteFleet. All the plans come with Azuga Fleet, FleetMobile, and Tracker.

  • BasicFleet Plan – It includes core tracking features alongside rewards and driver scoring
  • SafeFleet Plan – In addition to everything available with BasicFleet, it also includes efficiency-boosting tools and must-have safety features.
  • CompleteFleet Plan – Apart from SafeFleet, it includes tailored services for complete fleet tracking

Select the pricing model that is right for you. You will have contact Azuga directly for pricing details. BasicFleet Plan is the most affordable option, whereas the CompleteFleet Plan is the most expensive package. You get what you pay for.

Get a quote and schedule a demo of tracking and see what Azuga can do for your fleet. During the demo, you will learn how to get started, install the OBD-II device, capture everything you need, and much more.

Final Thoughts: Why Choose Azuga

Azuga fleet management software enables businesses to track maintenance history, improve driver safety, and make customer service better. Based on the plan you select, you can get features like data analytics, fleet tracking, asset management, insurance telematics, etc.

While the solution can be used across different industries, it is most popular in the transportation industry. It allows fleets to minimize repair expenses by providing them with maintenance reports and dashboards.

As you can see, there are a lot of good reasons to start using Azuga. It comes with many useful features and apps. All you need to do is use them to your best advantage and choose a plan that’s right for your business.