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GoFleet serves over 1 million vehicles and there is a reason why fleet owners and managers are flocking to GoFleet. We cover those features and how they can help your fleet.

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Fleet Management With GoFleet

Why do Over 1.1 Million Vehicles Drive with GoFleet? What’s Their Secret?

Fleet Management is something that most companies and government departments need, and often it is pigeonholed into GPS Tracking. Many people don’t appreciate the benefits of this technology or the importance of selecting the best supplier to meet your needs.

With over 1.1 million vehicles installed and a 95% customer retention rate, it appears that GoFleet is doing something right. Before we look at their products and services, why do people choose to do business with GoFleet?


People do business with people, and GoFleet’s core values of partnering with their clients, understanding pain points, and coming up with unique solutions are not something you might commonly equate with a business of their size.

Large businesses often lose their entrepreneurial spirit and start to decay as they focus on squeezing a bit more profit out of their Business as Usual. GoFleet still operates to its founding philosophies.

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Knowing What They Do

Successful businesses know what they do for their customers. GoFleet understands that it isn’t in the business of selling GPS Tracking devices. They use Fleet Management technology to solve business problems, and going by their customer testimonials, and they do it very well.

Their range of solutions is vast, starting from simple plug and play GPS vehicle tracking products that don’t even need an installer through to complex integrated systems for safety, compliance, contract management, logistics, and much more. These products backed by skilled consultants, 24/7 support, and strong relationships with third parties, who have specialist products and services that GoFleet can integrate.

6 Major Pain Points They Resolve for You

Fleet Management With GoFleet 2

1. ELD – Electronic Logging Device

Many companies initially invest in FM systems because of compliance. It is often a grudge investment because they don’t feel it generates a return on investment. It automates the logbook, and the ELD Mandate (2015) requires that all commercial vehicles must replace paper logbooks with an electronic one.

2. Time Tracking of Employees

How long have drivers been on the road? Do they need a break? Are they going to meet their deadlines? Automation eliminates manual data entry, paper trails, and reduces costly errors and resultant stress.

3. GPS Work Order Management

Just in Time (JIT) is how business works today. Where once companies relied on two-way radio and mountains of paper on clipboards and in folders, that just doesn’t cut it anymore. Every job requires interaction with other tasks and people. Timing and location are critical, whether it is a freight and distribution or service business. Automation of paperwork means that every step of the value chain is processed, financials completed, and any delays reported. Automation of work orders is not just a considerable time and money saver but builds accountability and trust in relationships.

4. Planning and Optimizing Routes

A profitable business requires planning, and the complexity of running a fleet can no longer rely on people with on the job experience. There are so many factors to consider, including predicted and actual traffic conditions, weather, accidents, road maintenance, and closures.

Whatever the size of the fleet, it is no longer efficient to work out a route manually. Route planning today has so many factors, including time constraints, real-time traffic, number of vehicles, type, driver availability, start, and end location, to name a few. Combining routing algorithms with real-time GPS information is becoming critical.

5. Fuel Management

Running a fleet is expensive, and the way a driver operates their vehicle impacts fuel efficiency. Eco-routing is becoming more common, and this includes elements like the location of truck stops or gas stations where the company has an account. Sustainability is not only an essential factor but even a reason why some people will do business with you.

6. Driver Behavior

Safety is, of course, a significant factor. The way people drive determines risk, which impacts on insurance costs, health and safety, and even reputation, especially in branded vehicles. People who take sharp corners, brake harshly, skip gears and speed are risking their safety and that of other road users.

Poor driver behavior also generates increased wear and tear on vehicles, resulting in unplanned maintenance, units off the road, relief vehicles, and it drives up the cost of doing business. GoFleet Telematics can alert drivers and management when needed, so they can change their driving style or get assistance with training.

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What are some of the Products Offered by GoFleet?

The Geotab GO9

The core of the GoFleet systems is the plug and play (no installer required) GO9, which provides instant tracking on a web map or smartphone app, on registration. The base unit includes driver behavior tracking, vehicle diagnostics and breadcrumbing of routes driven, and almost zero-time delay to see exactly where each vehicle is in real-time, who’s driving it, and how fast it is traveling.

There are different levels of plans available for the GO9. For example, the Pro Plan plugs into your vehicle’s computer system to identify fuel usage, faults, engine temperature, and status. It offers advanced driver coaching and alerts as well as automated IFTA miles recording.

Maintenance reminders can be set for all manner of things, including odometer, engine hours, date range, oil changes, PM inspections, and even driver license renewals, leaving nothing to chance.

As you would expect, it can integrate with many third-party solutions, including:

  • Garmin devices for integrated GPS navigation with routes directly sent from the dispatch system to the display, as well as 2-way messaging with pre-defined quick responses. The driver can focus on driving without becoming distracted.
  • Iridium Satellite Integration allows tracking and communication, even in areas with no mobile coverage. An “EMERGENCY” panic button can send a message to the dispatcher with location details.
  • HOS – Hours of Service Integration delivers compliance and adherence to safety requirements, ensuring that drivers are not over fatigued, a common cause of road accidents.
  • Third-party platforms can be connected, covering endless possibilities, including weighing systems, refrigeration, and ‘hood-up’ alerts.

Trailer Trax

Of course, tracking is available for more than just rigs and trucks. Trailers also need monitoring, and sometimes they become disconnected from the vehicle, which means they may no longer have access to power.

GoFleet Trailer Trax is suitable for a variety of heavy equipment as well as large and small powered and unpowered assets. Features include:

  • A self-contained GPS Engine so that the system always knows where it is.
  • The GoFleet Trailer Trax comes with a powerful rechargeable battery and an integrated GPS antenna and an optional motion sensor.
  • Rugged and durable to IP67 rating with high resistance to water, dust, and impact.
  • Multiple inputs to various sensors for unique applications.
  • Over the air firmware updates mean the unit doesn’t have to go back to a depot.

Fleet Camera Systems

Video cameras have become an essential piece of kit for commercial vehicles today. They can monitor events inside and outside the cabin, reduce the risk of accidents, and record what happens when there is one. Solutions include:

  • Driver Distraction Camera with facial recognition. Driver distraction, often caused by fatigue, is one of the common causes of traffic accidents. This system monitors facial gestures such as eyelids closing, head nodding, and yawning, which can reduce the risk of an accident.
  • Integrated dash cameras record high-resolution videos, which can be extremely valuable when an accident occurs; for example, when a truck is cut off by another vehicle, someone runs a red light or perhaps being hit by wildlife. Evidence will always win over ‘hearsay.’
  • Mobileye Collision Avoidance System not only reduces the number and severity of accidents but can also lead to a reduction in fuel and maintenance costs.


GoFleet offers several sensor options that can be integrated and add real value to a solution.

  • NFC Driver ID means that the system will recognize drivers without their having to log in manually.
  • GOTALK enables spoken alerts to drivers in real-time with text to speech based on predefined rules to improve safety and driving habits.
  • PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitoring System not only alerts when there is a problem but also provides reports such as reviewing tire performance by date, vehicle, specific tire, axle, and severity of issues.
  • Reefer temperature monitoring is vital when carrying fresh or frozen goods and high-value assets.
  • Vehicle Immobilizer – Driver ID. The immobilizer allows owners/managers to ensure drivers are only able to access vehicles they are qualified for and allowed to drive.


Because of the vast range of solutions and options, pricing is available on request. They do offer trials of most of their products to ensure customer satisfaction from day one.


GoFleet isn’t just a provider of GPS fleet tracking. They offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the requirements of each unique customer. Their size and experience mean they have answers to pain points their customers need to deal with, and then some that they might not even have considered. Then there is the 24/7 service helping you keep your fleet moving when you need it. They don’t sell boxes; they provide solutions and build longstanding relationships.