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The best review in 2020 for US Fleet Tracking. We cover what they can do for your business, why you might want to use them, features and so much more.

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  • ELD compliance included
  • Speed-sensitive update rate
  • Fast location transmissions
  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent historical playback


  • Setup is slightly difficult
  • Costly

US Fleet Tracking Review

If you run a fleet in the United States or deal with tracking systems, chances are good you have heard of US Fleet Tracking. Perhaps you have already used some of their products or services to keep track of your assets.

Through asset management and GPS tracking, US Fleet Tracking enables many individual owners and organizations to have full control over their businesses. USFT’s vehicle location and tracking systems can track assets in real-time at short intervals. They usually come as 10- and 5-second tracking systems, depending on a service package.

The company features a robust dealer network across the United States. While most of its customers are located in the United States and Canada, the service coverage also includes the Middle East, South America, Europe, Australia, and Africa. It should be noted that US Fleet Tracking isn’t a fully-fledged FMS company but a GPS manufacturer and provider.

From small businesses such as landscaping or plumbing to construction and contracting fleets, US Fleet Tracking produces and distributes a wide range of GPS solutions for dispatch, tracking, as well as other applications.

So if you are looking for a fleet tracking solution, you are in the right place. Here, you can find everything you would ever want to know about US Fleet Tracking, including the most popular products, core features, setup, pros, cons, and service packages available.

Who Is US Fleet Tracking?

US Fleet Tracking (USFT) is one of the leading companies in vehicle and asset GPS tracking systems headquartered in Oklahoma. This fast-growing American company has been around for years in the industry; it was established in 2005.

Rebranded by more than 360 tracking companies around the world, US Fleet Tracking is the original manufacturer and developer of the famous X-5 technology. Their vehicle location systems harness the power of the latest technologies to boost fleet tracking revenue.

As one of the biggest manufacturers and service providers of live real-time tracking systems, US Fleet Tracking boasts of highly accurate and fast products. Since the 2010 Olympic Games, their products have been used to address logistical obstacles and challenges in Super Bowl.

What makes USFT products popular is that they are easy to use and fairly priced. They are particularly popular with organizations that seek real-time fleet monitoring. USFT services and products are tailored to the needs of both small and large businesses.

The company offers a huge selection of GPS tracking devices. Most of them support 4G LTE connectivity and transmit location every five or ten seconds. In the table below, we’ve showcased the top-selling USFT’s trackers.

Product Name Product Dimensions (inches) Tracking Interval Installation Price
AT-V4 GPS Tracker 4.13 × 3.03 × 0.83 5-second and 10-second updates 3-Wire Installation Check Price
OBD-V4 GPS Tracker 1.5 × 2.5 × 0.98 5-second and 10-second updates Standardized OBDII port Check Price
PT-V3 GPS Tracker 3.9 × 2.28 × 0.9 5-second and 10-second updates No software to install Check Price


US Fleet Tracking is a cloud-based fleet tracking solution that allows organizations to track their vehicles while getting real-time traffic conditions and creating reports for a geofence, speed, ignition, and maintenance.

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In fact, the company provides a handful of tracking solutions that come as self-sufficient units can or operate in sync with different GPS systems. There are both hardwired and battery-powered products to choose from. Additionally, the company offers a variety of peripherals and accessories like:

  • USB cigarette lighter adapters
  • USF replacement antennas
  • Wiring harnesses
  • Interface cables,
  • Wall chargers

Every US Fleet Tracking tracking solution can send alerts (text or email notifications) to drivers along with routing updates and warnings about geofencing, speeding, and aggressive driving. All of them include features such as one-way messaging, map searching with multiple map views, live traffic reports, and 90-Day Historical Playback.

In addition to these robust features, some solutions also include ERP integration, dispatching, maintenance modules, battery backup, and portability. It goes without saying that extra features add to the cost of service, so make sure that a solution you choose has features that you really need.

Keep reading to find out more about the core features of this fleet tracking solution and go from there.

Key Features

Activity Playback

Historical playback is a feature that can be found on all of the US Fleet Tracking devices. It makes it possible for users to see data like location, stops, and speed for up to ninety days following the day they have been recorded. This feature is particularly useful in job completion verifications and legal disputes. It can help fleet administrators to verify a claim in case of personnel concerns.

5 and 10-Second Location Transmissions

Just like other fleet tracking solutions, US Fleet Tracking pinpoints the locations of vehicles by sending GPS signals on a constant basis. Depending on the service selected, the trackers update every 5 or 10 seconds. The frequent location transmissions allow fleet managers to create accurate and complete records of all the routes.

Dispatch & Communication

US Fleet Tracking improves interactions between drivers and fleet managers. This way, it lets fleet managers keep track of drivers and vehicles at all times. The communication is possible via one-way messages. Dispatching two-way messages are not available, though.

Geofencing & Routing

Geofence alerts help managers know when a vehicle enters or exits a specified region. If any of your trucks make a wrong turn outside of an area or beyond a designated route, this solution will immediately send a text/email alert. This feature comes in handy for route planning.

Alert Notifications & Reports

There is a broad range of email and text alerts, including:

  • Speed alerts – US Fleet Tracking sends alerts when vehicles reach a set speed. It allows fleet managers to monitor quick stops and accelerations and stop aggressive driving.
  • Maintenance alerts – These alerts can be set based on hours or miles. They will let you know when it’s time to rotate tires, change oil, and the like.
  • Idle alerts – US Fleet Tracking can help you reduce wasted fuel by notifying you about long idling times.
  • Ignition alerts – Ignition notifications will give you an idea of when a vehicle is turned on and off.

Live Weather Radar & Live Traffic Conditions

The live weather radar is meant to keep both employees and assets protected. With this useful feature, no weather condition will catch you by surprise. That helps fleet owners reroute or secure their assets.

Besides, US Fleet Tracking will keep you up to date with the current traffic conditions. Live integrated traffic will save you time by keeping your vehicles on time. Avoid standstills, traffic jams, and other things that slow you down.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned earlier, there are 10- and 5-second US Fleet Tracking solutions. This means the software updates every ten or five seconds to prevent users from making any mistakes and stay up to date.

Bear in mind that US Fleet Tracking is not a fleet management system. Its services do not incorporate management options for parts, tires, and inspections. Nevertheless, it provides some of the essential features for fleet management, such as fuel management, dispatch, and scheduling.

To get started, all you need to do is purchase trackers, set up service, and start tracking. Most GPS tracking devices rely on 3G and 4G LTE connectivity to work. They record every movement so that they can be played back up to ninety days later.

How to Set Up US Fleet Tracking?

USFT GPS trackers can be installed effortlessly in a matter of minutes. Each model has a slightly different setup, so take the time to read online documents before starting to mess with the installation.

Some of the trackers are designed to snap into standard OBDII ports (like most electronic logging devices), while others need to be mounted with zip ties or screws. There are also models that should be connected to an ignition source of the vehicle with a wire to start tracking engine activities.

Customer Support & Training

US Fleet Tracking is committed to offering complete technical support for all of its systems and products.

In addition, to live phone support, customers can also find many useful tips by watching how-to videos and reading online product manuals as well as technical documents provided by the US Fleet Tracking. All of this ensures that the clients are well-supported.

If you have any problem with these products, visit their homepage select the Support tab. Here, you will find a lot of training and support options, so you are very likely;y to find the answers you are looking for. You can also give them a call, and they’ll get you set up quickly.

There are different support options, including:

  • Installation and training videos
  • Product manuals
  • Online documentation (technical documents), and
  • FAQs

Customers can reap the benefits of training videos in particular. There are how-to videos about Historical Playback, Maintenance Module, Schedule Reports, Device Inputs, Routing, and more.

ELD Mandate Compliance

Not every USFT’s GPS tracking device provides compliance with the recent ELD requirements. There are only two tracking products that are designed specifically with the aim of meeting ELD compliance regulations: the OBD-J9 and ECM-Link ELD.

The former is designed as a plug-and-play tracking device. It can be installed in almost all commercial trucks without any problems.

The later is aimed at those who already use fleet tracking software or system and want to implement ELD compliance as well. As the name implies, it connects to the vehicle ECM. The engine data are transmitted to the ELD app via Bluetooth.


  • ELD compliance included
  • Speed-sensitive update rate
  • Fast location transmissions
  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent historical playback


  • Setup is slightly difficult
  • Costly

How Much Does It Cost to Run US Fleet Tracking?

Monthly Service Plans

You can use US FleetTracking services for just $29.95 a month per hardwire tracker. Use this system for as long as you need it. Keep in mind that there’s no free version. However, the company offers free demos on request, allowing buyers to try out a service before making up their minds.

When it comes to fleet tracking, there are two service plan options:

  • 10 Second Updates: $29.95 a month per tracker
  • 5 Second Updates: $39.95 a month per tracker

NOTE: As a prospective customer, you need to know that not every device or solution supports each plan offered. It is also important to point out that there is the same monthly fee structure for all of USFT’s plans and all devices. No contracts!


Aside from signing up for a service plan, the users should buy the tracking devices, too. Their prices suit all budgets, ranging from $149 (the OBD-V4 GPS Tracker is the cheapest device) to $299 for the high-end products like the PT-V3 Pro GPS Tracker. AT-V3 GPS Tracker is the only free tracker. Still, it requires a 12-month service plan.

NOTE: The battery-powered versions of these products require additional monthly costs of $10 per tracker.

Summary: Why Choose US Fleet Tracking

Yes, this solution is pricey compared to its competitors. This is especially true for the higher service tiers. US Fleet Tracking, in turn, offers some perks and benefits like a free trial, fuel tracking, dedicated technical support, and customized services.

Best of all, their GPS tracking solutions and products are not encumbered by any contracts. That lets fleets cancel their subscription at any point. Most fleet tracking and management solutions come with long-term contracts. Nobody likes contractual obligations, right?

Despite being expensive, US Fleet Tracking can help fleet companies save time and money. This is a great way to turn small short-term investments into notable fuel economy savings. It reduces paperwork and manual tasks as well, allowing users to focus on critical parts of their business.

US Fleet Tracking is a good choice for organizations looking for a simple SPS tracking solution. Does it look like a good fit for your fleet? Be sure to choose a subscription tier that suits your business needs and use it to full advantage!