ActiTIME Review

ActiTIME Review
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actiTIME is a cloud-based time management solution. It provides you with a convenient way to manage your projects and assign work to employees. You can also measure relevant KPIs and analyze business performance.

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  • Simple to use
  • Robust set of tools
  • Reporting features are detailed
  • A mobile app is present
  • The program is customizable to suit your needs


  • Integration options are not full-fledged
  • No notification to indicate that time entry is out-of-order


“What gets measured, gets managed” is an age-old adage in the management and business sectors. It is also common knowledge that time is money. Quite literally for services that bill their customers by the hour. Moreover, many employers need to keep track and measure time invested in their projects. This tracking helps them make more accurate cost estimates in the long run.

All the above necessitates the use of a time management tool. It is a software package or a web application that lets you keep track of time. Employers can use this to keep tabs on their employees. Besides, freelancers, lawyers, and other professionals can get paid the right amount for their services.

actiTIME is a cloud-based time management solution. It provides you with a convenient way to manage your projects and assign work to employees. You can also measure relevant KPIs and analyze business performance. In this article, I breakdown the software and the features it has in store for your organization.


actiTIME follows a tiered pricing scheme. But unlike other layered plans, the only thing that varies with each tier is the number of users. The paid versions vary as follows:

1-3 Users

1-40 Users

41-200 Users

200+ Users





$1250 fixed

The free version gives up the following features:

  • Overtime registration
  • Time-Track Approval
  • Departments
  • Task Estimates
  • API
  • Chrome Extension
  • Integrator for QuickBooks


Paid Version Features

The software comes with an impressive set of features. They expand the capabilities of the software beyond just time tracking. The features discussed in this section are:

  • Simple time tracking
  • Work scope management
  • Team management
  • Flexible product configuration
  • Reports and data analysis
  • Data for accounting

Simple Time Tracking

As a timesheet solution, it is imperative to have time tracking tools. actiTIME provides simple time monitoring solutions for its users. The timesheet is a neat way to enter your time details. The weekly timesheet allows you to record time spent on work assignments. Moreover, you can also record your time off during the week.

As an administrator, you have the flexibility to check individual timesheets. This feature gives you a glimpse into the time distribution on a per-client basis. The timesheet summary lets you compare the hours committed and the hours put into the work. This comparison enables project managers to improve the accuracy of their estimates in the future. Besides, it is also an excellent barometer for individual productivity and to prepare flexi-time policies.

Akin to what I eluded to, before, time is money. There is no excuse for leaving unaccounted time on the table and in-effect, letting money seep through some cracks. actiTime provides a robust approval system that allows you to check, approve, and lock timesheets. This reliability will come in handy nearing payroll time. You can also monitor and approve overtime pay, to fairly compensate your hardworking employees.

Last, but most certainly not least, you can set up automatic reminders. It is nearly impossible to fill a month’s timesheet accurately. It is, however, rather easy to do it daily. You can send automated emails and reminders to your employees and have them fill their timesheets daily. This function helps you get more organized and keeps your accountant happy!

Work Scope Management

Project management is key to ensuring success in an organization. This management also involves maintaining a proper structure for a seamless workflow. actiTIME allows you to import tasks in bulk using CSV files. You can then interact and edit the functions inside the software. This facility eliminates the need to operate in another interface.

Once every task has been set, you can customize your work structure, which, in turn, helps you customize the software to suit your organization. You can also customize the details on a per-task basis. Selecting the type of work lets you assign a per-hour rate for ease in billing. You can also establish estimates and monitor employee work progress.

Delegating and further monitoring is made a breeze with this software. You can get an overview of the tasks in the pipeline and delegate them accordingly. You can also see the status of each task. The decision of which team gets to see the entire workflow is also in your hands, for total control over the operations. A neat Kanban board makes monitoring an easy task too. It is easy to collaborate with your team by accessing up-to-date reports and statuses.

The built-in reminders add another layer of flexibility. You can determine the rules for each notification and notify the right people at the right time. These timely alerts help you keep projects on track and move ahead with confidence. You can also use the vast expanse of reporting tools to generate different reports. They give you a multidimensional perspective to your operations.

Team Management

A well-managed team gets work done like a well-oiled machine. It boosts the overall productivity of your department and, in turn, your company. This software offers a host of features to manage your team effectively. Most importantly, it allows you to invite your employees to the platform easily. This first step is crucial, as it will shape the rest of their experience, moving forward.

You can then proceed to group them into teams depending on various factors. These could range from departments and projects to even time zones. The team managers can then be in charge of coordinating the workflow of their teams. Above all, they can also be in charge of overseeing the timesheet duties. You can also configure everyone’s work schedules. In the case of both part-time and full-time employees, this is equally important. You can set their work hours and give structure to the organization.

It is imperative to have the right personnel handling the right projects. actiTIME lets you define individual scopes for each employee. As a result, you can distribute assignments individually or on a per-team basis. The decision is left to you and your organizational structure. As a direct consequence, you also have tools to stay updated on your work.

The software lets you keep track of each employees’ time. It also notifies you when something is awry. Automatic notifications help you stay on top of the projects you manage. It also keeps you in full control of the teams’ performance numbers. It alerts you when there is any form of a discrepancy between your estimates and actuality. You can eventually plug the leaks in your organization and run a successful business.

Flexible Product Configuration

ActiTIME understands that each business is built differently. Hence, your needs will vary from others’ needs. The software offers customizability features that help you tailor-make your experience. Many of these features have been briefed in earlier sections, but they deserve another mention for the value they bring.

The user interface can be as elaborate or as simple as you want it to be. The software lets you turn off all the features that you might not need. The time tracking tools are provided with on-off control to cater to multiple businesses. If you find any function that is not particularly relevant to your operation, it is easy to hide it. An added advantage is that the feature then gets hidden from the user too. This simplified view makes the app easier to navigate.

You have the option to replace the default terminologies with your own. This excellent feature smoothens the learning curve for your employees. Moreover, you can stick to terms that suit your workflow at your discretion. This facility to modify lets you do things your way. The software also offers a customizable workflow. You have the ability to breakdown a project into stages and monitor the workflow between stages.

Also, you have an infinite number of schedules, leaves, and work types. These extensive templates allow the software to cover all your organizational needs in the best possible manner. You can also integrate your company policies while scheduling each project. This integration ensures that your employees get paid aptly for their expertise and services.

Report And Data Analysis

Numbers don’t lie, and that is something modern-day businesses swear by. They rely on all sorts of analytics to get an accurate picture of their operations. ActiTime lets you do just that, by leveraging powerful analytics tools. For starters, it lets you represent data in the way you want to. You have multiple chart types and file formats for displaying the concerned numbers.

Analyzing data requires you to have the right information in the right place. The reporting tools allow you to sort and filter data using your criteria. This way, you can view performance numbers from varying perspectives. You can then bid farewell to guesswork and let the numbers do the talking. As a result, you can quickly identify bottlenecks and problem areas.

As an administrator, you can see how much time is being invested by your workforce. This information allows you to compare the estimates with the actuals. You can then review your future estimates to make them more accurate. The software also lets you efficiently manage overtime and PTOs. It dramatically reduces the burden on your accounting staff. Furthermore, employees can also get paid accurately for their time.

Lastly, actiTIME streamlines the process of running costs and billing reports. You can get a clear picture of the price and billing numbers in relation to your budget. Analyze the profit/loss ratio and provide your clients with accurate information on the billed hours. Lastly, you have the flexibility to create and edit professional invoices in the software itself.


actiTIME expands on its capabilities by offering seamless integration options. They help streamline your entire business operation. The following integrations are available:

  • actiPLANS
  • QuickBooks
  • Browser extensions
  • API tools

These features help manage tasks like calculating PTOs, updating taxes and payroll, etc. The API also lets you create custom connections with your business platform.

More About ActiTIME

Setup And Ease Of Use

actiTIME makes it very easy for you to get up and to run. The software has tips built into the app that helps you figure your way through the software. You can turn them off once you’ve grown comfortable with the platform.

Firstly, you have to add your employees to the software. This step is then followed by assigning projects and a workflow structure. After this, you can proceed with utilizing the time tracking tools in the software.

The software, as such, is not very easy to use. The interface can become a little overwhelming for first-time users. actiTIME could have roped in more users had the software experience been a little more accessible to everyone. However, the impressive feature set makes up for the lack of simplicity in the user interface.

Device Compatibility

Desktop Browser App

Android App

iOS App

Windows Phone App

Apple Watch App



It always helps to keep an eye on your work away from your desk. actiTIME lets you do just that by offering mobile applications. It covers nearly the entire smartphone space with its Android and iOS offerings. The app lets you use a timer for more granular time tracking. You can also use it to track offline and sync the data later. Indeed, the app is not as decked out as the web service, but it is more than proficient as a companion application.

Customer Support

actiTIME offers free support to all its customers. They have a ticket-based request system. You can request for assistance on their website, and they will assign a technical staff to help you out. They are also available for on-call and email support. With all these channels, you can be sure to have your problem rectified.

In addition to all of this, they also have a full-fledged help center. It is decked out with video tutorials, FAQs, and other material that can come of use. When combined with excellent support, it makes for a unique after-sales experience.

Online Security

actiTIME’s cloud-based services are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a world leader among cloud-based service providers. AWS is known for its security protocols and robustness. It uses SSL/TLS encryption to protect your data during transit. It also forces the user to use the more secure HTTPS protocol rather than HTTP. There are also umpteen physical security measures to ensure that your data remains truly yours.



  • Simple to use
  • Robust set of tools
  • Reporting features are detailed
  • A mobile app is present
  • The program is customizable to suit your needs


  • Integration options are not full-fledged
  • No notification to indicate that time entry is out-of-order


actiTIME is one of the best timesheet management software in the industry. It leverages the power of AWS to give a comprehensive, cloud-based timesheet management platform. It offers an impeccable roster of features that truly puts you in control. The added customizability options allow you to take your experience to new levels. The inclusion of a mobile app lets you stay in touch with work from anywhere. My only gripe is the lack of robust integration options. It becomes even lesser in the free version. Integrating with Zapier could have potentially made this near-perfect. All that aside, the software is a reliable purchase option for anyone looking for time management solutions.

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