Transflo Review
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  • Compatible with nearly all trucks
  • Comes with a cellular chip
  • It has its own data connection
  • Compact and sleek design
  • User-friendly Mobile App
  • Quick installation


  • Driver status malfunctions occur from time to time
  • Customer service leaves a lot to be desired
  • The system may randomly add some drivers

Transflo Review

Managing and tracking numerous vehicles within a fleet is a big hassle for business owners and managers. They often have a hard time keeping track of registration renewals and scheduled maintenance. That’s because things can quickly get out of hand if there are a lot of trucks and employees in an organization.

Fleet managers also have difficulty piping information directly into accounting systems when processing expenses. As you already know, the operational costs can impact selling decisions and future purchases alike. That’s why you should aim to cut the costs as much as possible.

With good fleet management software, this process can be less complicated and less expensive, too. However, it is not easy to find an affordable fleet management solution that truly offers a good value for money.

Most solutions come as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) offerings, which means the application is hosted by the vendor in the cloud. Furthermore, you will be required to sign up for multiple accounts when choosing the right deployment model for your business.

What makes Transflo different from other fleet management solutions? Is it worth buying? Will it pay off in the long run? How does it work? Here, you can find answers to all of your questions about Transflo.

Who Is Transflo?

Transflo has been around in the transportation industry for about 20 years. Since 2010, Transflo has been developing and redefining transportation software and hardware. The company has launched a lot of mobile, SaaS, scanning, document classification, and process automation solutions for businesses of all sizes.

They started to provide TripPak services in 2014. In 2016, Transflo incorporated a lot of telematics apps into its mobile platform. Their cloud-based and mobile technologies digitize millions of documents every year. Transflo boasts of an impressive partner and client network consisting of employees and collaborators from all over the world.

The company delivers a wide variety of solutions and communication options to fleets, owner-operators, commercial vehicle drivers, and brokers worldwide. The table below shows the breakdown of Transflo solutions.

Solution Name Key Features Top Products & Apps Price
Fleet Solutions Scanning, Document Management, Drop Box Shipping, Professional Services Transflo Mobile, myPilot Integration, Weigh Station Bypass (Drivewyze), Dashcams (by Surfsight), Transflo Trailer Trackers, Transflo ELD Bundles Check It Out
3PL & Broker Solutions Digital document processing, pre-billing automation, data capturing Transflo Velocity, Transflo Velocity+, DocuType Check It Out
Commercial Driver Solutions Drivewyze Fleet Navigation, Document Scanning, ELD integration (HOS), Drop Box Shipping Transflo Mobile+, Transflo Express Check It Out

How Does It Work?

Transflo is likely to have a solution for you no matter how small or big your business is. Here, we will focus on fleet solutions and see how they work to help you get the hang of using Transflo.

From one platform, you will be able to manage data, drivers, and documents from anywhere. That’s not all. With this mobile-friendly solution, you can also send/receive messages, scan paperwork, and get alerts.

Transflo offers an extensive range of products, software, and apps. You need to choose ones that suit your needs and pair them to get the most out of your fleet. They work with drop boxes, truck stops, scanners, smartphones, and other devices.

We will review the best products and solutions for fleets in detail, so keep reading to learn more.

Features & Functions

While Transflo fleet solution provides a lot of functions and features, it all comes down to:

  • Scanning
  • Document Management
  • Drop Box Shipping

Let’s examine each of these features separately before proceeding further.

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Transflo simplifies the submission of documents and data. It allows fleets to lessen billing time frames by getting trip paperwork quicker. Eventually, this can help carriers and brokers increase cash flow over time.

The users can receive and send documents at any time from anywhere through the scanning methods listed below:

  • Transflo Express Scanning
  • Transflo Velocity Scanning
  • Transflo Mobile Scanning

The information and documents can be sent and received in the consistent formats from a consolidated repository. With bar codes and customized cover sheets, only your drivers can send paperwork. Here are the benefits and perks of electronically submitting documents:

  • No upfront costs
  • Quick access to documents
  • High-quality images
  • Single output
  • Secure transmission

Document Management

Take advantage of document management, digital imaging, and invoicing to streamline productivity and business processes. Transflo offers different document management solutions, including:

  • Transflo Imaging – This fully configurable management solution helps businesses elevate their back-office operations.
  • Transflo Velocity – With this document management solution, all the document submissions can be consolidated into one output. This is an efficient way to reduce billing timeframes and improve the invoice process.
  • Transflo DocuType – It lets you apply document values instantly and automate document management workflow.

Combine these document management solutions to manage your documents more effectively and optimize your business operations. Transflo document management can make it easier for you to connect information and data in the supply chain. This way, you will expedite your bills and workflows faster.

Drop Box Shipping

This dedicated shipping service allows users to send and receive original documents at over 1,200 dropbox shipping locations. There are a few delivery packages available, such as:

  • TripPak Express Consolidated – Documents are received once a week
  • TripPak Express Next Day Service – Documents are delivered overnight
  • TripPak Express 2nd Day Service – Envelopes are received in two business days

Benefits to Carriers

  • Fully configurable solution for the entire fleet
  • Document management, mobile, and more are covered by one portfolio
  • Enhanced efficiency and improved cash flow
  • Compliance with ELD mandate requirements
  • More than 1,200 dropbox locations to send the paperwork
  • More than 2,000 vehicle stop kiosks to get document scanned
  • Dedicated customer support for questions and problems


Transflo Mobile+ is considered to be one of the most popular mobility management solutions today. That is why we are going to cast light on this mobile application.

With this convenient app, you can send and receive notifications, plan routes, manage loads, access payroll, scan documents, bypass weigh stations, and much more. That makes it one of the most comprehensive apps in the transportation industry.

On-the-go scanning is the major feature; it allows for fast document delivery. In addition, TRANSFLO Mobile+ also includes integrated navigation (CoPilot), OS&D and accident submission, and load review.

You can also leverage two-way messaging along with geofencing and weigh station bypass technology. These features are powered by Drivewyze. They are meant to help commercial drivers avoid wasting time, stopping, and paying unnecessary fees by sending them notifications when approaching designated weigh stations.

Transflo Mobile+ also notifies commercial drivers and truckers about available loads. They can take advantage of the app to weigh their vehicles at nearly 2,000 locations across the United States and Canada.

The app is quite easy to use and set up. All you need to do is download the app and install it on your mobile devices. It is available on Google Play and App Store. Transflo Mobile+ is compatible with almost all smartphones or tablets. It can also be used on the Transflo T7 ELD device.

myPilot Integration

myPilot is a feature integrated into Transflo Mobile that helps in saving time and hassle. Commercial drivers can use it to check wait times of multiple diesel lanes. Apart from wait times, myPilot Integration also includes in-app fuel receipts and cardless fueling.

  • Main Menu: Here, you can get access to Documents, Loads, Safety, myPilot Fuel, Company Portal, Weather, and Payroll.
  • Fuel Lane Wait Times: See estimated diesel fuel wait times and select the first available lane.
  • Cardless Fueling: Get authorized pin codes that should be entered at the pumps and store payment information securely. It works with a large number of fuel card companies.

Transflo Mobile activates automatically when arriving at a Pilot Flying travel center thanks to virtual geofencing that surrounds the truck stops. This advanced technology promotes in-motion safety by ensuring that vehicle drivers don’t use the application while driving.

Weigh Station Bypass

Powered by Drivewyze, Weigh Station Bypass is developed specifically for commercial drivers, providing them with bypasses throughout the country. It can also help fleet owners keep their vehicles out of scale.

While the solution is primarily intended for freight transport, it can also be used for mountain driving thanks to geofencing technology that provides safety alerts. The drivers receive heads-up alerts on their mobile devices 1 or 2 miles away from the inspection sites.

The goal of these notifications is to reduce driver stress and improve safety. No additional transponders required. The feature is included in the mobile devices drivers, and carriers use when running Transflo Telematics or Transflo Mobile.

With Weigh Station Bypass, drivers can bypass more than 700 weigh stations as well as inspections sites in the United States and Canada. The fleets can utilize it to:

  • Maximize on-duty driver time
  • Reduce weigh station delays
  • Reduce accidental scale avoidance
  • Improve driver safety

Transflo Trailer Trackers

Track containers, truck trailers, generators, and other assets in near real-time with Transflo Trailer Trackers. These devices can also be used for communication, data logging, and GPS location.

Trackers can help you get a better understanding of how your trailers and assets are utilized. You will also find out how your trailers are not being used. Reduce the number of forgotten or unused trailers to increase loads.

Based on the data provided, you will know which assets and equipment need to be retired and when it’s time for maintenance. This will prevent you from scheduling unnecessary maintenance.

Transflo ELD Bundles

This is a unique opportunity to get an ELD bundle tailored to the specific needs of your fleet. It should be pointed out that the Transflo ELD solutions are FMCSA certified and powered by Geotab, meaning you can’t go wrong with them. They all incorporate Fleet Telematics and GPS Fleet Tracking.

There is a broad range of ELD devices to choose from. Still, the telematics devices from the T-Series are particularly popular with truck carriers. They use mileage data, vehicle movement, idling, and engine status to populate e-logs.

Transflo ELD T7 electronic logging device is no doubt the most popular and well-liked product by this company. This next-generation FMCSA-certified ELD device comes with an installation harness, and it’s available in 16-pin, 6-pin, or 9-pin configurations at no upfront hardware costs.

As mentioned above, truck drivers can use the Transflo Mobile on ELD T7 to access commodity lists, electronic logs, DVIRs (driver vehicle inspection reports), and more. Furthermore, it also enables them to streamline operational expenses, collect data, and track truck locations.

The device can be plugged in and activated in a matter of minutes. It also includes a cellular chip for automatic data transmission. The hardware is available with the choice of monthly plans.


  • Compatible with nearly all trucks
  • Comes with a cellular chip
  • It has its own data connection
  • Compact and sleek design
  • User-friendly Mobile App
  • Quick installation


  • Driver status malfunctions occur from time to time
  • Customer service leaves a lot to be desired
  • The system may randomly add some drivers

Summary: Is It Worth Buying?

Transflo is definitely a smart and worthy investment. This management solution can help fleets increase retention, productivity, and safety of drivers. With this solution, you can keep your business organized and stay on top of maintenance.

Whether you run a small or big fleet, Transflo will have something for you. It encompasses a wide spectrum of devices, apps, and features, including Weigh Station Bypass, myPilot Integration, Dashcams, and Trailer Trackers. All of them support Transflo Mobile, a mobile application that enables drivers and carriers to manage their work with one tool.

From scanning and document management to dropbox shipping, Transflo fleet solutions offer all you could ever need to track and manage your assets. So if you are looking for a fully configurable solution for your fleet, Transflo is a great choice. It can help you improve cash flow and efficiency of your business.