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Rand McNally ELD Review – Possibly The Best Device for Compliance?

Rand McNally-the electronic logging (ELD) that guarantees secure and simplified compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandate requirements.

To begin with, drivers love the fact that this device is easy to learn and installs in a few seconds. Secondly, the provider allows you to bring your own device, which reduces the cost is acquisition significantly.

Even when driving in areas that do not have cellular coverage, Rand McNally ELD will continue to deliver unparalleled performance. In such a case, the ELD is capable of saving a day’s worth of compliance data within the device itself. Again, it will also let you know when the internal storage is almost full.

All you need to do is download the Rand McNally Drive connect App into your Smartphone or tablet to get these features and more. Throughout this review, you will learn why thousands of drivers are using the Rand McNally ELD.

Rand McNally ELD Review 2019 – Quick Facts

Rand McNally ELD Review - Possibly The Best Device for Compliance? 2For more than 160 years, Rand McNally has been helping travelers get to their destinations. The company is also renowned for offering a range of innovative products and services for players in the commercial transportation industry. In its early days, the provider used to offer printed maps and mileage guides.

Currently, the provider offers a full range of fleet management, navigation, mileage, ELD and routing solutions. The relatively new connected vehicle platform—DriveConnect—by the provider is also a trendsetter in the industry. Despite being an affordable and flexible logging solution, the Rand McNally ELD is loaded with useful capabilities.

Perfect Blend of Affordability and Functionality

As compared to some of the best ELD devices in the market, Rand McNally offers a wider range of tools, beyond compliance. For instance, it allows you to view and certify hours of service (HOS) logs. Again, it allows you to complete DVIRs, access gauges on the dashboard, and view a countdown of remaining hours per shift in real-time.

Implementing this solution in your fleet allows you to monitor truck diagnostics, with 10 different diagnostic gauges, for each vehicle. Some of the things you will be able to diagnose in real time include boost pressure, average fuel economy, battery voltage, fuel gallons/mile, and oil pressure.

Discussed below are other aspects that make the Rand McNally ELD devices stand out from the rest.

Let Us Help You Choose The Right ELD

Rand McNally ELD Benefits

  • Rand McNally ELD Review - Possibly The Best Device for Compliance? 3Features an intuitive interface
  • Allows for over-the-air updating
  • Offers instant access to messaging and engine diagnostics
  • Has a micro SD port
  • Easily view and certify logs
  • Offers customizable gauges
  • Easy to mount and remove the ELD
  • The Rand McNally can store up to 6 months of log data


The magnet used to mount the ELD device in the vehicle may weaken with time. Again, some drivers have complained that the buttons on this device are rather small.

Rand McNally ELD Pricing

Rand McNally ELD Review - Possibly The Best Device for Compliance? 4As you may have noticed, the provider does not display any pricing information on its official website. Instead, you are required to leave your contact details and business information. Thereafter, the provider will call you with an accurate quote. However, it is worth mentioning that Rand McNally ELD is relatively cheaper as compared to similar solutions.

Once you have purchased your Rand McNally ELD 50, you will be required to activate a subscription plan that suits your needs. To do this, you need to complete and mail the rebate form after purchasing this ELD device. You should then activate the device through the app and proceed to choose your preferred subscription plan.

In this regard, the provider offers two main subscription plan, including:

  • Compliance Plan – offering such capabilities as DVIR, HOS, Vehicle Tracking, and two-way messaging. This is the cheapest subscription plan offered by the provider.
  • Core Plan – This plan is priced higher than the compliance plan mentioned above. In addition to the capabilities offered by the above-mentioned plan, the core plan also offers Workflow, Forms and IFTA reporting.

In addition to being an affordable option, the Rand McNally ELD does not require any set-up fees. Additionally, you will not be required to commit to long-term contracts by the provider.

Rand McNally ELD Hardware

Just as is the case with ELD and fleet management software, the provider offers you flexibility when it comes to ELD hardware. The various hardware components by this provider are designed to connect to the Rand McNally DriverConnect platform seamlessly. For easier installation, the devices are designed to plug into the diagnostic port in your vehicle.

Discussed below are the main ELD hardware options offered by this provider:

ELD 50

Rand McNally ELD Review - Possibly The Best Device for Compliance? 5This is the popular ELD hardware by the Rand McNally provider. As you will come to find out, the lightweight and portable device installs Ina a matter of seconds. Actually, you only need to plug the ELD device into the diagnostic port in your vehicle. Once installed, the device will leverage cellular data on the driver's phone to offer superior fleet management capabilities.

DC 100

Rand McNally ELD Review - Possibly The Best Device for Compliance? 6Unlike the ELD 50 discussed above, the DC 100 device is designed to plug into the OBDII port. The DC 100 device by Rand McNally features a built-in 4G cellular modem. As such, you will not need cellular connection on the driver's phone, as is the case with the ELD 50.

Instead, the DC 100 automatically collects the required data every second. After every 30 seconds, the device submits the collected data to the DriverConnect portal. This, in turn, furnishes fleet managers and owners with real-time information to track their vehicles.

DC 200

Rand McNally ELD Review - Possibly The Best Device for Compliance? 7The Rand McNally DC 200 ELD device is unique in that it plugs into the JBUS diagnostic port in trucks. The device requires a Y-cable for installation and features a built-in cellular modem as well. As such, fleet managers will have an easy time tracking vehicles in their fleets in near real-time through the DC 200.

Rand McNally Features and Capabilities

Rand McNally offers one of the finest blends of simplicity, affordability, and functionality in the trucking industry. Despite being an affordable ELD solution, the product offers a powerful feature-rich compliance and fleet management solution. With this ELD option in your fleet, you will be able to monitor driver performance, track assets and accomplish other important tasks.

One of the aspects that make this solution stand out from the rest is the DriverConnect portal—a back office platform that equips managers with all management tools they need. Discussed below are some of the main capabilities of the Rand McNally ELD device you will find useful in your fleet.

1. IntelliRoute/ MileMaker

Rand McNally ELD Review - Possibly The Best Device for Compliance? 8Routing is one of the most challenging tasks a fleet manager has to carry out for every load transported by his/ vehicles. Without the right data, this can be a tedious, time-consuming task and may result in losses in unnecessary costs. IntelliRoute is essentially a routing and mileage software that is designed to ease this task for carriers, shippers and brokers.

In its functioning, the software supplies fleet managers with superior and real-time data to influence decision making. As such, this functionality allows you to make routing decisions easily and with confidence. In this regard, this software has been proven to furnish fleet managers with about 930,000 miles of truck-attributed roads in North America.

This data is then broken down to about 38,500,000 uniquely attributed road segments. On top of that, the software will also offer you such data as truck-specific mileage, mapping and routing data. Such a capability has a horse of benefits to offer your fleet, including:

  • Allows You to Save

To begin with, the MileMaker software allows fleet managers to negotiate rates. In addition to offering you more than 10 billion possible configurations, it will also offer you HHG mileage to influence this decision.  The device will also calculate mileage per state breakdowns. This will, in turn, improve back-office efficiency in the fleet.

  • Custom Routing

In addition to presenting you with enough data, the device allows you to tailor routing for each vehicle to your needs. This custom routing capability goes a long way in combating out-of-route miles for each load. Not only does this reduce unnecessary costs, but it will also improve effectiveness in your operations and accounting.

To allow for easier custom-routing, the solution has a set of simple built-in calculation tools. All in all, this has helped fleets avoid costly tickets and prevent wastage of fuel.

2. Rand McNally DriverConnect Portal

Rand McNally ELD Review - Possibly The Best Device for Compliance? 9The DriverConnect portal is one of the most innovative features of the Rand McNally ELD solution. This portal is basically a cloud-based telematics platform offering fleet managers a tone of back-office tools. While the platform offers an array of compliance and convenience tools, it has been proven to offer unparalleled flexibility as well.

As you may be aware, it is not possible to get a one-size-fits-all ELD solution. This is why the provider offers a highly flexible blend of tools through the DriverConnect portal. Whether you are looking for basic compliance capabilities or need advanced tools, the platform will offer everything you need.

In order to meet your specific business needs, here are some of the features and capabilities offered by this portal:

Cloud Routing

Rand McNally ELD Review - Possibly The Best Device for Compliance? 10As mentioned earlier in this review, this software offers routing capabilities. The cloud routing feature of the device will allow you to generate custom routes and send them to your drivers. In this case, you can formulate and send multi-stop routes to the drivers from this unified platform. Enhanced efficiency is another thing you are going to love about the routing capabilities of the DriverConnect platform.

From the DriverConnect portal, fleet managers will be able to create pre-planned routes based on different factors. For instance, you may create pre-planned routes based on truck dimensions, trailer type, shortest distance, or hazmat dimensions.

Other capabilities offered by this feature include:

  • Sending Routes

Once created, routes will be of no use unless they are accessible by the intended truck driver(s) in real-time. The DriverConnect portal bridges this gap by allowing fleet managers to send the custom routes to the drivers. In this regard, the intended driver will get instant notification of the new route through the DriverConnect app on his/her phone.

Alternatively, the driver may access the new maps from the Rand McNally ELD device. In either case, the driver will be able o edit, view and accept the new route.

  • Easy Navigation

Once the driver has accepted a new route map, he/she will have an easy time navigating through it. In this case, the Rand McNally truck navigation device will come in handy. With regards to ease of navigation, this device is known and trusted by thousands of drivers in the trucking industry.

Truck-Specific Navigation

Rand McNally ELD Review - Possibly The Best Device for Compliance? 11If your drivers had a professional, in-cab navigation system, they would be able to navigate more efficiently. The truck-specific navigation system offered by this provider offers a proprietary CMV data-driven solution for your fleet. Over the years, this system has been proven to reduce fuel costs in fleets.

This is particularly achieved by reducing out-of-route miles, which also reduces vehicle idling. In addition to offering truck-specific routing, the device is easy to read thanks to its high-resolution display screen. Additionally, the unit is packed with several other features that are meant to enhance vehicle safety.

According to the provider, this solution was tailor-made specifically for truck drivers. With this system in your truck, you will have an easy time managing DVIRs, HOS compliance, finding the nearest travel center and avoiding traffic. Additionally, the provider offers driver-requested connected features and tools for this solution.

So, what exactly does the Rand McNally ELD navigation system have to offer your fleet?

  • Advanced - create multi-stop and compare routing with the ability to include up to 50 stops per route. This feature will also allow you to place breadcrumbs.
  • Voice Guidance – The system will give the driver audible warnings od what is ahead, including steep grades, turns, and complicated interchanges.
  • Lifetime Maps – the provider will keep you updated with an updated version of navigation maps once every year for free.
  • Fuel Prices and Log – The device allows you to view fuel prices right from the navigation maps. Again, it is capable of tracking fuel purchases as well as automatically calculate fuel economy.
  • Exits Quick View – Allows you to view such amenities as fuel stops and travel centers at upcoming exit.
  • Service Alertswith this device, you can also schedule for maintenance and service and have the device remind you when they are due.
  • Virtual Dashboard – You can view important metrics like current and yard time from this dashboard. Again, the device gives you a 3-D view of junctions featuring a split screen display.

Our Final Verdict

The Rand McNally logging device does not just meet mandate requirements, it offers a unique mix of convenience features. As you have learned throughout this guide, the ELD will let you proactively monitor and communicate with your drivers in real-time.

Again, the device and it’s co complimentary DriverConnect portal have a range of tools for improved performance and safety.

The unit will also let you know of violations by the drivers as they happen and allow you to customize routine. If you are looking for affordability and a suite of advanced ELD capabilities, you should consider getting the Rand McNally ELD device.