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Zoho Mail Review
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A product of Zoho Corporation, Zoho mail, is a secure email hosting service for businesses. It offers a streamlined and seamless integration of all aspects of your business. The marriage of classic email and modern tools is the reason for a lot of the excitement around this product.

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A product of Zoho Corporation, Zoho mail, is a secure email hosting service for businesses. It offers a streamlined and seamless integration of all aspects of your business. The marriage of classic email and modern tools is the reason for a lot of the excitement around this product.

Founded in Chennai, India, Zoho Corporation was formerly known as Adventnet between 1996 to 2009. In 2009, it was renamed after its online office suite. Right from the get-go, the mission for Zoho’s office suite was to build an elegant software to solve a business’s problems. This product comes with spreadsheets, presentations, databases, CRM, project management, invoicing, and other office applications.

Zoho Mail comes as a bundle of mail, notes, calendar, contacts, and tasks. With over 50 plus million subscribers, some of the featured apps of Zoho mail include:

  • Customer-centric CRM
  • Simple and ad-free email
  • Helpdesk
  • Customizable App Creator

Having all these mobile apps at your disposal, let us look at Zoho mail in depth. It increases your productivity by offering all the tabs you need to perform your daily activity on one window.


Zoho Mail has three main pricing options. Here is a quick snapshot of the plans. The Mail Lite plans come with specific Calendar and Contact features. The Mail Premium includes all the Mail Lite features plus huge attachments, archival memory, and S-MIME. The Calendar feature also includes resource booking. Pricing for Mail Lite and Mail Premium are $1/user/month, $4/user/month. The Workplace feature starts from $3/user/month.

The forever free plan works for five users in an organization. When the 6th user joins, the company would have to purchase six licenses to continue using the service.

Plans Mail Lite Mail Premium Workplace Forever Free
Pricing $1/User/Month $4/User/Month $3/User/Month Free
Storage 5gb Per User 5gb Per User Varies on Plans 5gb Per User
Email Hosting for Multiple Domains YES YES
Domain Aliases YES YES
Email Routing YES YES
Email & Folder Sharing YES YES
Collaboration Tools YES YES
Developer Space YES YES
Task, Notes & Bookmarks YES YES
IMAP, POP access in email YES YES
Calendar Shared, Group, Appointments Scheduling, Sync, On Mobile Resource Booking
Business Email YES
Online File Manager YES
Wordprocessor, Spreadsheet, Presentation YES
Instant Chat Communication YES
Online Meeting, Intranet & Collaboration YES
Online Traning Software YES



Here are the features that make Zoho mail reliable and secure for your business’s needs. These features help overcome your communication and collaboration challenges with ease.

Powerful Control Panel

The extensive control panel lets you set up and manage your business’s inbox more effectively. You can add super admins and control access to any user. You can choose your domain name and use it for your employees as well. With this product, you can set up small groups and aliases based on separate departments and assign moderators.


One of the founding principles for Zoho as a company is privacy. Their office quarters are secure and private, reiterating their need to ensure that this will be reflected in their handling of customer data as well. Data is entirely encrypted. GDPR compliance and extra security measures, like 2FA, EAR, S/MIME, and TLS, enhance your data protection.

24×7 Technical support

Nobody likes to be given a product without instructions on maintenance and repair. Zoho understands that. Technical support experts are available 24×7, on email and chat to assist with any questions you may have on the tool.

Fuss-Free Migration

Are you already using another email tool? The migration to Zoho mail is going to be hassle-free. You can transition smoothly via IMAP/POP or Outlook Exchange server to Zoho Mail.

These are the aspects that facilitate your business. Now let us look at some of the main features that come with Zoho Mail. Your inbox is cleaner and organized, allowing you to concentrate on our business without being distracted by the mails coming in.

Product Features

Smart Compose

All you have to do is use @ to name a recipient while composing. You can send it to them in a single click. With Zoho, delegate many emails at the same time.

Share Drafts

All of us dread sending an email that might not convey what we want it to. With Zoho, it is simple – share a draft of your email before sending it out to get feedback. You can also share entire threads and attachments without getting lost in the reply or forward buttons. Colleagues and teammates also handle your emails in your absence when you share folders with them.

Schedule And Watch Emails

Now might not be the best time to send that congratulatory email. Simply schedule it for a later time, and the mail will be delivered then. Interested in knowing what happens to a particular email thread? Set conditions to be notified when responses come in on that thread.

Filter And Scrub

Too many emails cluttering the inbox is a common problem. Set rules and filters to access them at your convenience. Bulk archive mails based on your parameters.

Attachment Viewer

All your attachments are in one place. Go into the gallery and view all the attachments at one shot. You can even compare multiple versions of the same attachment.


Do you have sites or URLs that you visit regularly? Just bookmark these links for quick access from your inbox.

Advanced search

I often recall that I saw a mail come in on a particular subject, but I never know what folder I put it in or any further details regarding that mail. Advanced search option lets you find those pesky emails quicker.


Mobile Apps Integrations For Zoho Mail

The product comes with a fully connected cache of apps. The mobile apps are designed to help manage your business with ease. The apps are functional and practical, while also easy to use and highly efficient. These apps increase your productivity and encourage collaboration.

The suite apps cover all parts of a business, namely:

  • Sales
  • IT and Helpdesk
  • Security
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • People culture and operations
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Email & Office
  • Project Management
  • Collaboration

Here are the top installed apps in each of the categories of business:

  1. Mail – The suite comes with email, calendar, contacts, and files
  2. CRM – Customer relationship management software for top trends and statistics.
  3. Creator – On the go access to app and data
  4. OneAuth – Multi-factor authentication to secure your Zoho account.
  5. Social – Manage your brands’ social media presence
  6. Books – Track expenses, process invoice and receive payments

To quickly summarize, with these integrations, you can:

  • Integrate your CRM leads into your inbox
  • Look up CRM contacts while composing emails
  • Associate tasks or notes to your CRM leads from your inbox
  • Assign tasks or bugs to your team members
  • Write a script to create filters to customize workflows
  • Manage access and permissions to projects and documents
  • Collaborate on third-party apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box
  • Leverage Zapier integrations to sync with Evernote, Asana, todoist, Trello, Slack, and Twitter

Any update to these apps reflects directly in your inbox and vice versa. These integrations aim to increase creation, collaboration, and communication between the different teams that make up your organization.

More About Zoho Mail

Here comes the motherlode! As we all know, any app is only as good as its use. We now examine how all the features, pricing, and the brand make Zoho Mail suitable for your business. They have key steps that go into making this product work for you.

It involves:

  • Identifying your business needs
  • Customization
  • Implementation and
  • Customer support

Each of these steps is geared towards making the experience unique and relatable to YOUR business. Maintaining an enterprise email means streamlining communication that may originate in entirely different areas of your company. The solution enters that you understand what the bottlenecks are in that communication and how this product will mitigate it.



If you are a new startup, a small to medium business, or are growing to the next level; this solution is for you. It is scalable and can accommodate more users as needed by your business. Overall, the interface is simple and easy to use. Furthermore, you can access the mailbox directly from your desktop and don’t need to fire up a browser. The free plan works for all, and you can customize your dashboard by adding marketplace add-ons. These integrations include CRM, Project, Social, and Creator.

All these further enhance the reach that you have into different aspects of your business in a single tab. Even if it’s a free service, adding out of office and signatures make a small business look very professional and put-together. Setting up additional users and managing groups is very quick and efficient. All you need is a local telephone number to be able to receive the code to set up the accounts.

Import your contacts and notes on the calendar, and you will not miss a single event or task. You can change the color of the board, making it more user-friendly. Integration with Gmail, Microsoft 365, allows you to be able to use this across all platforms without losing any data or information.

Another stellar feature is that there are absolutely no ads! Yes, you read that right. No sponsored content appears in your inbox, allowing you to be able to concentrate on your business alone.

A Bit More Info

Zoho also collects mails from other accounts, so you can read all your communication from multiple accounts in one place. In fact, before deployment, you can use their dual delivery set up to run Zoho along with your current email provider. Customer support is also excellent when you have issues with setting up, managing and assigning access and groups.


One of the most significant drawbacks is that the layout is still a little clunky to use. Streamlining design would be a good step for future app roadmap to the creators. Small issues like mislabeling also slip through the cracks. These errors go back to the filters and advanced rules you set to manage your account. The clearer the parameters, the finer the filtering. Other email accounts offer more storage as an additional perk; Zoho Mail does not provide larger storage on the free plan. Again, this is not a huge deterrent, and you can work around this by purchasing the Premium plans. The inbox storage is pretty ample, so you won’t need to delete any emails.

If you have run your business on automation, Zoho might prove a little challenging, since the level of automation still is in the initial stages of development. The spam filters, although very functional, are based on domains. There has been downtime when the product is being upgraded, but that is for a few minutes in maybe 3-4 months. If you are a small company with five users, you may not necessarily use all the free features that come with the package and may have to pay to upgrade to other necessary add-ons.


Would I recommend the solution?

Overall, for the free plan, I say a resounding YES! The mail offers everything I need and want from a free email service provider. All the icons on the dashboard are pretty self-explanatory, with clear markings for the calendar, notes, and tasks. I can add five users for my business, assign accounts for my employees, and manage their access and roles.

The filtering system is pretty neat, although they would need to be fine-tuned for advanced mail settings. However, for the spam folder, the email needs to be manually entered. The auto-respond settings reply to the mails I can’t, and that’s a great feature to have, especially for a small business like mine. I never want my customers to think I do not have time for them. Data security has been a top priority for a lot of businesses recently, and Zoho is GDPR compliant and also complies with most enterprise standard security. Not only that, mail encryption services in S/MIME are an additional feature against cyberthreats.

Final Word

In summary, Zoho offers a variety of solutions aimed at different organizational levels, going from free to paid premium plans. It streamlines and organizes all your contacts, emails, and calendars in one place. Firstly, you can manage all your business communication in one place, even if you have multiple accounts. Secondly, your contacts and leads from CRM can be imported into your inbox, making it very easy to email those leads. Thirdly, if you are a new business and have to send proposals and receive documents, attachment size is not going to be an issue. Finally, the solution can integrate with other third-party apps, making it an effective solution for businesses across different platforms.

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