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Small, growing businesses are customer-focused and driven by their limited budget and resources. Mindbody lets a business owner continue to service clients without losing the profit margin. The software app is tailored for the health, wellness, and beauty industry.

Who is Mindbody?

Here is a software that takes care of all your business needs – from scheduling to booking and payments to marketing. If you automate all these tasks, you can concentrate on customer experience and satisfaction.

Mindbody believes in the same values wellness businesses focus on and is:

  • Committed to wellness
  • Passionate about sustainability
  • Caring and helpful
  • Empathetic
  • Consciously evolving

What Do They Do?

Very simply, Mindbody offers virtual services that will let you stay in touch with your community while helping you navigate your business growth through each phase. The solution offers a variety of resources to leverage, like:

  • Education and events
  • Integrated business applications
  • 24×7 expert technical support

Overall, the solution has 1.3 million users. You can simply list your business or service and be available for clients. They can find locations, read reviews, and sign up for classes. The solution also has over 60,000 wellness customers, operating in over 18,000 locations worldwide.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned above, businesses in the health and wellness industry can leverage this solution. It combines custom templates and automated marketing tools aimed at your target audience. You can use this platform for different businesses:

  • Fitness
  • Salon
  • Spa
  • Integrative health
  • Enterprise

We delve deeper into these in the features section below and review the advantages of Mindbody.


Industry & Features

Pricing and availability





Ultimate Plus











Integrative Health











Manage Client and Staff

Run comprehensive reports


Self Check-in


Smart contact lists


Customizable templates



Email automation and marketing



Client reviews



Incentivize referrals



Custom mobile app




Manage active staff profiles

Up to 15




Text notifications & reminders

1 way (up to 3000)

2 way (unlimited)

2 way (unlimited)

Emails with customizable templates



From what we have seen above, the Mindbody platform suits any of the businesses in the fitness, salon, integrative health, and spa industry. The Fitness plan includes yoga, gym, Pilates, Barre, and martial arts classes. The Salon plan covers a variety of hair and eyelash bars, tanning, and nail salons. The integrative health sector is for chiropractic services, med spas, and acupuncture. Finally, the Spa sector consists of massage, skincare, and esthetician services.

Overall, there are four main packages – Starter, Accelerate, Ultimate, and for some businesses, Ultimate Plus. The Ultimate Plus comes with all the features like reporting, scheduling, marketing, templates for communication, referrals, and notifications & reminders. The Ultimate Plus also comes with a custom mobile app. The rest of the price packages vary in terms of the features available.


Let us get to the main reason why Mindbody is the perfect solution for your health and wellness business.

All In One Platform

First and foremost, you can now efficiently manage your business with the software. There is a comprehensive set of tools for all aspects of your business, from scheduling clients to managing staff and payroll, generating reports, and getting your mobile app. Secondly, this marketing software lets you increase your reach to a wider range of clients. Not only that, but Mindbody also helps in smart marketing and higher client retention. Finally, you can maintain consistent and recurring revenue. Your payments are automatically integrated with the software and the point of sale. As a result, your payments come in at the right time without you having to worry about it constantly.

Booking and Check-in

Your business will be visible to clients on the app. They can search for your service, book an appointment, and pay for it whenever they want. You can create your own branded app and put your schedule online. The client is given the power to figure their appointments based on their schedule.

Furthermore, Mindbody lets you give your customers the best experience. Clients can sign in themselves rather than waiting in line. All their information is stored such that you can pull them up as and when you need them.

Client-focused Management

It is effortless to automate daily mundane tasks and operations through Mindbody. You can coordinate appointments, schedules, staff, and equipment. Mindbody also allows you to generate reports from previously collected data so that you can get actionable insights, such as on inventory management, to know what product or service sells the most.

Based on a customer’s previous preferences, you can customize their future experiences. Reminding customers about their appointment is so easy – the AI receptionist reminds them through texts. Go green with paperless forms and waivers that customers can sign before coming into the appointment.

Targeted Marketing

Growing businesses have the trouble of attracting clients. Mindbody’s targeted marketing helps you bring new clients and retain them. You can promote deals and open slots with specific automated campaigns. If your clients tend towards being no-shows, you can customize emails and convert them to actual appointments. Through Mindbody, you can encourage clients to repeat appointments by offering promotional packages and memberships, and incentivize referrals to let word-of-mouth help your business grow.

Simplified Payments

All your transactions go through one payment system. You can Integrate card information and store payment details into your software at the point of sale. As a result, you spend less time on administrative work. Because Mindbody lets you check out clients from the front desk, website, or mobile app, you can still accept payments on your mobile device even when you’re not at the front desk. The streamlined transactions offer better visibility of your business’s growth when you generate sales reports. These reports include a customer profile, payment history, and revenue tracking to help you spot trends.


For all these simple tasks, Mindbody recognizes that data and information security is paramount when it comes to online payment. Their PCI Level 1 industry-standard security keeps it all tight and secure.

Client retention

Remember how we told you Mindbody also works well for the fitness industry? The most attractive feature of Mindbody is that you can personalize every client’s workout and increase retention. You can show them the workout results in real-time, coupled with heart rate and equipment monitors. Engage with your clients by starting small contests and distribute awards. They can book their slots anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, your trainers can also exchange updates and emails about your client’s progress during the training sessions.

Multi-location Management

Although your business may be small or growing, at Mindbody, they treat it like an enterprise. You have complete control, unlimited scalability, and expert support. You can also customize your solutions with API, letting your business be flexible to the customer while helping you generate vital insights.

Through Mindbody, you can manage your retail products, control user groups and permissions, generate reports for all locations, use business intelligence to save time, and reduce errors. A useful feature is that you can keep everything in view, across all locations, with one corporate dashboard. Finally, you can calculate franchise fees for your individual locations with the built-in royalty calculator.


Mondbody has various partners that help elevate your user experience. With these integrations, you can choose from partners that assist you:

  • Set up your business
  • Run your business
  • Attract new customers
  • Retain customers
  • Analyze your business
  • Manage financials

We will look at a few examples of these partner solutions.

Set up your business

  • Liveedit – Platform with DIY and custom websites with built-in integration and easy to use editing tools
  • SpaceCraft – Website hosting and publishing platform suited for small business
  • Mindbody Cards and Key tags – Brings in new clients and facilitates fast check-in experience.

Run your business

  • WaiverKing – Paperless document and filing, integrated real-time with the platform
  • Bench – Team of bookkeepers to track your financials
  • SalonClouds Plus – Dashboards for Custom Reports, forms, kiosks for checking in, and websites

Attract new customers

  • Classpass – Monthly fitness membership to access boutique fitness studios
  • Peerfit – Access to new customers via corporate wellness dollars. Share your classes and services with local employers
  • Gympass – Partner with corporations and empower their employees to become active

Retain customers

  • Listen 360 – Ask your client for feedback and invite them to post their reviews
  • Emma – Sync with customer data to send targeted and personalized marketing email
  • Presence AI – AI-powered texting over your landline or mobile number to increase revenue

Analyze your business

  • iKizmet – Transform your data into actionable insights that will help discover, monitor, and plan for your business
  • Fitgrid – Smart software to leverage staff, engage clients, and drive profit
  • Beyond the white-board – Official CrossFit® workout tracker to show members actual and tangible progress

Manage your finance

  • First Credit Services – Full-service collection agency
  • O2M Fitness – This helps you automate penalties for late cancellation and missed appointments
  • Referrizer – Advanced automation platform with 12 powerful marketing apps

All these integrations help your account run seamlessly and smoothly on Mindbody, and you have complete automation and control over different aspects of your business.

More About Mindbody Appointment Software



There is no doubt about the utility of this solution, which is targeted at the health and wellness space. Customers can find a service and book their slots in a jiffy. Integration with payment makes it a perfect solution for small businesses. You do not end up with much paperwork or have to follow multiple processes to get the payment through. Once you get the sales in, the granular report provides all the information needed to spot trends in product, inventory, members, revenue, single class purchases, and retail purchases.

Custom marketing campaigns target specific audiences, like returning customers or no-shows. The cloud-based app lets you and your customers access it from anywhere on any device, which is a massive win in case you are not on your front desk or if you are a one-person business. Customer support is available to support your accounts, so you are in good hands if you have any questions.


When you are a small business and the budget is tight, you want to make the best investment with the resources you have. In that scenario, you may have to think through the features and packages you wish to purchase. Mindbody is cloud-based, so security is always a risk you must factor. Seeing as it comes with industry-standard security, you can rest assured that your data is safe. Because the platform is feature heavy, you may need some training to be able to get all the information you need from your account. Although the software works for multiple locations, you have to log in and out of the accounts to switch between multiple locations.

There are quite a few third-party applications that can integrate with Mindbody. However, they are missing out on the bigger names that will help in payment processing, marketing, and sales. All you need to do is a little research on which of the partners will work for you the best.


In conclusion, one of the biggest advantages of Mindbody is that the product caters to a specific market – health and wellness. All your customers know exactly what is on offer. Searching, booking, and signing in to classes is made quick and easy, and the product can be scaled up to meet a variety of business needs across multiple locations.

The product combines marketing automation and payment processing into its solution. Your customers can find your virtual wellness classes and sign up for workouts anywhere, anytime. They can improve their health from the comfort of their own homes. Try out Mindbody to draw in more customers and take your enterprise to the next level!

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