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  • Designed as a stand-alone device
  • Ready right out of the box
  • Simple to set up and use
  • It fits most trucks
  • No subscription fees or ongoing costs


  • The Garmin ELog is inclined to automatically place you on “Driving” when you start driving after a little break
  • You may encounter a problem when connecting the GPS to ELD adaptor; likewise, it may lose signal with the adapter sometimes
  • Not very reliable

Garmin ELD Review – Is It Possibly The Best No-Monthly Fee ELD?

Garmin ELD Review - Is It Possibly The Best No-Monthly Fee ELD? 2The Garmin electronic logging device (ELD) is simple and easy to use to log driving time and HOS.

The standalone device fits just about any semi-truck. It records driving hours for your on-duty duration.

There are no subscription costs or any associated fees beyond the initial purchase price. Once removed from its box, the device is ready for use. There is no complicated assembly. It just needs to be attached it the vehicle’s port. You’ll have to download the free app and it will begin to track hours immediately.

The Garmin ELD eliminates the need for manual drive time logging.  Drivers don’t need to spend any extra time ensuring accurate logs are submitted for review as has traditionally been required with pencil and paper logging.

The device is smartphone compatible and FMCSA compliant. It works to ensure the driver and the motor carrier company are following all federal guidelines for drive time reporting.

Garmin ELD Review: Who Is The Garmin ELD Best For?

The Garmin ELD is an FMCSA approved device. It is used by fleet owners, owner-operators and truckers who need to monitor HOS (Hours of Service).

By staying aware of your hours of service, you can avoid hefty fines or being put out of service. That makes Garmin ELD an excellent choice for the truck drivers looking for a simple but complete compliance option.

Overview Of The Garmin ELD

Garmin ELD Review - Is It Possibly The Best No-Monthly Fee ELD? 3There are benefits and drawbacks noted with using the Garmin ELD. When the mandate came in late 2017, drivers were scrambling to find just any device.

However, many didn’t think about the functionality of each device. Luckily for you, this ELD is easy to use and install.

Also, there’s no requirement for intensive programming and even the “learning-curve” is minimal. However, there are some reports about malfunctions.

Such reports have caused “lag-time” in tracking, basically causing incorrect tracking. That’s why there’s a purpose for a move to short-term manual reporting.

As outlined by developers, most ELD’s have a tendency to work effectively. It will function effectively if the software of Smartphone is kept up-to-date. Also, the firmware needs to be periodically updated.

Let Us Help You Choose The Right ELD

Keep Updating Your Device

Drivers should note and stick to any notifications when updates are required or available. This should be done to make sure that they're remaining in compliance and keeping their ELD device up-to-date.

If "manual-reporting" is required, this will hinder the productivity of a company. Hours should be documented in a particular way and also on the industry-compliant monitoring sheets.

As per Garmin, there'll be extra features made accessible on ELD within the next few years. This is why to ensure that the gadget keeps pace with the industry requirements.

As soon as the features are offered, drivers and motor carriers will be informed of the changes to features. They can update the gadget to start making use of these just by touch press of a button. There'll be no requirement to order extra hardware.

Top Benefits

  • No contracts
  • Simple to run
  • Doesn't have any monthly subscription
  • It is quite easy to install and 3rd Party is involved

Possible Drawbacks

  • The initial cost is hefty
  • It has a tendency to malfunction
  • You will not get any help from the 3rd parties

A Little Bit About The Company

Garmin ELD Review - Is It Possibly The Best No-Monthly Fee ELD? 4Choose a company which has a great experience with the truckers. Garmin have designed ELD devices with truck drivers and their needs at heart.

The Garmin is actually an American tech company established in Kansas back in 1989. This company is an expert with GPS and fleet tracking technology. With over 10 million GPS units sold, they know the transportation business well.

Not to mention, the numbers show what this company has done. As now you know a lot more about this company, let’s explore the facts and features. Let's find out what you will get with this device.

Tops Features Of the Garmin ELD

Heavy Duty

The Garmin ELD is tested flawlessly against MIL-STD810 Drop test.

Multiple Uses

You can optimize your Garmin ELD, increase productivity, enhance the safety of driver. Also, increase uptime with additional features.

Goes Wherever You Go

This Garmin ELD has solid cellular connectivity to ensure that it can easily work in and out of vehicle.

HD Camera

It has full HD dēzlCam with the fixed focus while mounted.

Bluetooth Wireless

It includes on-board Bluetooth wireless for software updates and map.

Fit For Any Purpose

It has industrial-level hardware-enhanced for long term industrial truck use.

Garmin elogSmartphone App

You must download the Garmin eLog Smartphone App to your phone to accomplish your digital logging compliance.

While you drive, this eLog device records the driving data automatically. Also, this can be transferred securely through Bluetooth and saved in the Smartphone.

Therefore, download the free of charge Garmin eLog application to your tablet or Smartphone to complete the compliance solution.

Records Are Safe And All Set For Inspection

You will be amazed to know that your precise records are stored securely on the compatible Smartphone. It won't be stored on the cloud. With free of charge Garmin eLog application, they are viewable readily by you at any time.

When required, the records are retrieved easily for the roadside inspection through USB or through FMCSA web service over Bluetooth.

Top Garmin ELD Benefits You Need To Know

  • This Garmin ELD device is a simple to install, a universal device which fits almost any truck.
  • Additionally, setup is simple and quick; simply remove the gadget from the box. Plug this in, and then download the Garmin eLog application. Unlike a few of Garmin’s rivals, you will find no additional fees or subscription fees for use.
  • This gadget was made to be exclusively used for tracking hours. You will find no non-required, confusing features which limit accessibility.
  • This ELD accurately and securely stores the time logs. These time logs are available for viewing through FMCSA web service or USB port of the device via Wireless Bluetooth at another time.
  • The reports can electronically be viewed instantly too or printed to keep the file. Some models don't need a Smartphone as the app is available pre-built on the gadget.
  • Motor carrier and drivers companies are motivated to review specifications and features. They need to do this before buying to ensure that they're using the best model for the needs of their company.
  • A number of drivers have noted that this Garmin ELD device is the easiest one to install. It is easy to utilize too. They have made a switch to Garmin device soon after being helpless to determine competing devices which aren't so user-friendly to setup.
  • As there are usually no extra fees needed. The device comes comprehensive with everything that is needed. It is readily available than several other models.

Why Should You Go For The Garmin ELD?

  1. This Garmin ELD is an easy to install and simple to use electronic gadget. Also, it is perfect for the truckers who want or need to keep an eye on their HOS. Its “no” subscription fee and one-time buy make the Garmin ELD an even more affordable.
  2. As you open the box, this eLog is all set to go. It is supported by the trucks with 6-Pin-1708 and 9-Pin-J1939 diagnostic ports. Additionally, this gadget fits in nearly any truck.
  3. Simply download eLog app of Garmin to your Smartphone to start recording the information. This eLog app allows for safe recording. It will not submit your personal data if you do not decide to share the information via USB port of ELD.
  4. Pair the eLog compliant gadget with Garmin DezlCam or Dezl device. You can change the duty statuses, access HOS info, and more because you are navigating with both devices.
  5. You're driving and staying aware of your HOS at the same time. For a thorough compliance solution, Garmin eLog ELD is an ideal choice for every truck driver.

Installation of the Garmin ELD

A fast start manual is available in ELD package. It acts as a simple setup guide. You will find just a couple of easy steps which a motor carrier or driver should follow to allow Garmin ELD to function properly.

  • The driver should have Garmin ELD device and a Smartphone before installation. The software of the phone must be updated to complete the procedure properly.
  • A driver must start by launching the "app-store" on the phone. Has to search for Garmin eLog application. And finally, download it as soon as it shows up on the display.
  • After that, the driver needs to open the application, review and accept its agreements of use, choosing "continue" when all set.
  • An "allow-location-services" notification should show up and "always-allow" must be chosen from the options list. After that, the truck must be switched on and the device must be connected to the port. The installation is done as soon as the "lock-ring" is flipped clockwise and ELD is placed into port.
  • Then the driver should push the switch on ELD for only one second unless a beeping sound is heard. Again, on your Smartphone, "view-nearby-adaptors" is chosen. The Smartphone should find the gadget automatically.
  • Sometimes the device will have to be inputted manually to finish the setup. Following that, an account with the required details is made. The driver must log into that account. As soon as logged in, Garmin ELD will be all set for use. The hours will start to be followed when the truck is in the motion.

More on the Cost & Compatability

Garmin ELD Review - Is It Possibly The Best No-Monthly Fee ELD? 5The only necessary cost related to Garmin ELD device is the primary purchase. You don’t have to pay extra. It makes this device the most affordable.

Also, the compatible application is totally free to download. Even all the updates are 100% free. Carrier plans and cell phones are separately sold.

A few navigators have this app pre-built, so a phone is not needed. An "adaptor-cord" may have to be bought based on the port type of the truck which has the ELD device to function.

Vehicles with 16-pin-J1962 and Volvo engines need another cable. An extra protection plan also can be purchased. To tell the truth, the price of this ELD device will not break your bank at all. So, don't worry about that.

Our Final Take

Drivers and motor carrier companies looking to ensure compliance. They are trying to find a simple to use option for recording the drive time. Needless to say, they will appreciate the automatic time tracking and quick installation of Garmin ELD.

A number of companies have already opted to move from more complicated models to Garmin ELD. They just want to wake up and run more flawlessly.

This Garmin ELD is above all others and matches port of nearly any truck. However, the driver only needs to take out the gadget from the package.

Plug this in, and then download the free of charge Garmin eLog application. They are all set to initiate time tracking. An easy setup guide is provided in the box.

What's important to you when it comes to an ELD device? Share below!