PayPal Invoice Generator

First, let’s clear something up, we are not actually creating an invoice for your PayPal account. What we are creating is an invoice like PayPal button or URL that will capture the description of the sale every time someone makes a purchase with that link or button.

As a digital marketer for the last several years I have found it cumbersome to create buttons and invoices on PayPal just so that I can have a reference for the reason for the sale, or so that I can sell the same thing to multiple customers and it all be tracked accurately.

That is why I created a nice little tool that gives you a button or URL that is super easy to share anywhere.

This tool is so simple to use that I hope you will come back every time you need a new email link or a button.

How to Use The PayPal Invoice Generator

  • Step 1: Enter your PayPal Email ID
  • Step 2: Select your currency
  • Step 3: Enter the amount for the product or service
  • Step 5: Enter the text you would like to appear on your button
  • Step 6: Enter The description of the product or service – This will show up in your PayPal when the button or link is used to purchase
  • Step 7: Click the PayPal Link button
  • Step 8: If you are using a link for email or chat, use the shortened URL so that you do not need the really long URL
  • Step 9: Use the link wherever you want to
  • Step 10: If you need a button, click copy to the right of the button and that will copy the HTML code to your clipboard
  • Step 11: Place the HTML code wherever you would like on your website
  • Step 12: Collect your money

It is as simple as that. You can use the link or button in emails, on your site, or wherever you would like and when a payment is made, PayPal will always capture the description for that payment.

If you would like to see more simple tools like this that we do not already have, drop us a comment or hit us up on the contact form and we will see what we can do.