Orbcomm FleetManager Review
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It’s 2020 and some fleet management solutions are just better than others. Orbcomm FleetManager can help your business save money and grow revenue.

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  • Multi-user fleet management
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Seamless integration
  • Plenty of search options
  • Excellent mapping and reporting


  • No training programs
  • Poor customer support

Orbcomm FleetManager Review

Looking for the ORBCOMM FleetManager? Before making a final decision, you need to find out more about this cloud-hosted solution. In this comprehensive review, we are going to discover all the important facts about it to help you make an informed decision.

As a matter of fact, the ORBCOMM FleetManager is designed as an analytics and management engine solution that provides users with essential fleet management information. It’s optimized in such a way to work with all the ORBCOMM’s truck, trailer, and container monitoring devices.

On a single platform, the users can leverage sophisticated reporting and analytics features for the entire fleet. By using features like alerts, exception multi-user management, advanced mapping, and configurable reporting, they can reduce operational costs and improve driver productivity at the same time. Furthermore, this fleet management solution can help increase asset utilization, improve customer satisfaction, and ensure ELD compliance.

Individualized workspace is another great thing about FleetManager. This amazing solution can be configured and customized for different needs. Create different workspaces for different users, including fleet managers, drivers, and dispatchers.

Would you like to learn more about ORBCOMM FleetManager? We will reveal the top features and benefits of this telematics solution alongside other important facts. But first things first, let’s get familiar with the company and find out what they handle.

A Few Words About the Company

ORBCOMM is a global provider of IoT (Internet of Things) and fleet management solutions. With more than 2 million tools and devices equipped across trucks, chassis, as well as refrigerated and dry trailers, it is one of the leaders in the telematics world.

In addition to the next-generation software and networks, ORBCOMM offers a wide variety of monitoring devices and tools. Some of their most popular products and services include powerful hardware, unique apps, M2M technologies, as well as seamless cellular and satellite connectivity.

Their customer base includes a huge number of channel partners, premier OEMs, and solutions consumers. The industries they cover include natural resources, government, transportation, heavy equipment, supply chain, maritime, warehousing, and inventory. Here, we will focus on the transportation industry.

Features & Capabilities

Now that you know more about this company, let’s get back to the FleetManager, and examine the best features and capabilities of this solution. Take a look below!

  • Customizable workspaces
  • Seamless integration
  • Data categorization
  • Intelligent search
  • Intuitive reporting
  • Widget templates
  • Advanced mapping
  • Enhanced configurability

Customizable Workspaces

As we have already mentioned above, FleetManager gives the ability to create multiple workspaces for fleet managers, drivers, dispatchers, and so on. All you need to do is choose the important data and display it in an individualized widget layout. After filtering data, simply add a widget in a templated layout.

Data Categorization

Data can be organized by depot location, driver, or vehicle for improved visualization. It is also possible to divide data into several new categories. The goal of data categorization is to improve fleet operation. The solution offers the unique ability to fleet managers to see very precise data about distance traveled for every trailer or truck.

Intelligent Search

FleetManager makes it easy to search across depots, locations, drivers, vehicles, and other categories. There is a full range of reports on the FleetManager portal. Use – and + operators to dig up a variety of records in different places.

Advanced Mapping

With a few simple clicks, you can set up geofences, set different preferences, detect nearby trucks, and turn on or off location categories quickly and easily. All of this can be quickly found on the advanced maps.

Intuitive Reporting

In addition to standard reports, FleetManager enables users to create customized reports for their own use with on/off columns, enhanced zoom, and a lot of pop-ups. This can make reporting more intuitive and easy to use. Furthermore, that lets you schedule trailer servicing accurately.

Enhanced Configurability

Introduce permission levels and configure user’s permission profiles with many levels, so that they suit power, advanced or beginner users. FleetManager offers an array of configuration capabilities and permissions settings for maximum asset utilization.

Seamless Integration

FleetManager can be integrated with a whole suite of Orbcomm’s devices like the BT 120, BT 500, BT 320, and GT 1100. Additionally, it can also work with external management systems, internal back-end systems, and in-cab displays.

Widget Templates

You can either create your own view or use pre-defined views. FleetManager comes with a large number of widget templates. They can be changed with one click, allowing you to easily modify views according to your requirements.

FleetManager: What is It and How Does It Work?

Orbcomm FleetManager Review 2

In this section, we will try to give you a better understanding of FleetManager service. Let’s check out how it works and what it involves.

FleetManager is actually an analytics fleet management portal that enables companies to view a variety of data related to their operations. It is developed with performance, compliance, and safety in mind.

ORBCOMM provides top-notch global satellite coverage, which can help clients obtain mission-critical information. Whether your trailers and trucks are in the yard or in transit, FleetManager will give you access to status updates – live and scheduled as well.

Through this cloud-based portal, fleet managers can not only monitor driver trends, events, and behaviors but also deliver dashboards and scorecards. What’s more, it allows for integration with transportation partners in the industry.

Once set up, FleetManager will cluster trucks by various model years and types for better organization. For any particular cluster, it is possible to view information for drivers, trucks, duty cycles, and fuel levels with a simple click on a tab. All the data can be stored in scoreboards or dashboards.

FleetManager & Apps

FleetManager’s users can install a number of trucking applications, thereby supercharging their fleet management solution. These apps are readily available on the Android marketplace (Google Play and App Store).

Below, we will take a closer look at a few apps that are proven to work seamlessly with Orbcomm FleetManager.

  • Driver Performance Scoring app – One of the most extensive driver performance apps available, the Driver Performance Scoring can score truckers on the 3 critical aspects of driver behavior: safety, performance, and compliance. Businesses can choose which aspects they want to observe. That can help them reduce violation incidences and fines, along with maintenance, fuel, and insurance costs.
  • Vehicle Inspection Reports app – It comes in handy for drivers when completing post- and pre-trip reports on trailers or trucks. For this purpose, they can use just about any tablets, Android-based phones, and other in-cab devices. This awesome app can help eliminate inaccurate and time-consuming records.
  • R:COM Mobile app – The main purpose of this application is to report essential information and provide monitoring on the go. It comes with industry-leading temperature management features, as well as fuel level information and alarms. Once installed, it provides information on working hours, location, in-transit speed, fuel level, etc.

FleetManager Platform Can Now Work with Samsung Tablets

The analytics from the FleetManager platform, which can be accessed through Samsung tablets, are combined with reporting and ORBCOMM ELD. Thus, fleets can build a connected driver system and scalable productivity hub. Not only does this increase customer satisfaction and retain operators, but it can also decrease expenses with enhanced resource and asset utilization.

So the solution is now available on Samsung tablets:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8″ 32 GB Wifi Tablet, and
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2

They are both safeguarded with Samsung Knox, a mobile security platform that keeps fleet data secure. These ruggedized tablets allow drivers to take notes, capture signatures, track orders, and much more. Besides drivers, fleets can also connect their back-office, clients, schedules, and assets through in-cab screen.

FleetManager Benefits

  • Scalable and Open: A wide range of external hardware devices, in-cab displays, transport-management solutions, and internal back-end apps can integrate seamlessly with FleetManager. Mix and match different tools and systems to find ones that work best for your fleet.
  • All-in-One Platform: From containers and reefers to trucks and trailers, FleetManager covers different types of assets in an all-inclusive system. That means you will not have to use other platforms or systems besides the FleetManager web platform.
  • Robust Intelligence: It helps fleets comply with ELD rules, improve safety, boost productivity, and lower operating costs by providing them with deep insights from their data. This system will also allow you to be more proactive and improve the speed of your service.
  • Historical & Live Reports: Create historical and real-time insights by combining location, trip, vehicle, alarm, sensor, and driver data. You can also monitor or control your reefer units remotely and know what happens at all times. Use your tablet or phone to view real-time info.
  • Deep Analytics and Reporting: Aside from delivering GPS fleet tracking, this in-cab solution collects important information from the fuel tanks, brake systems, engine, and other parts of the vehicles to provide thorough analytics and deep reporting. You need to know how to use these comprehensive analyses and reports to your advantage.
  • Configurable and Flexible: As a user, you will be able to configure or customize your data according to your own preference. Whether you wish to manage a dry van or heavy-duty truck fleet, this ruggedized solution will serve your purpose. It is great for small, medium-sized, and large fleets alike.

Orbcomm FleetManager ELD Compliance

Are you in the market for an electronic logging device? Do you prefer ORBCOMM over other telematics companies? The good news is that FleetManager can be combined with ORBCOMM ELDs, so you don’t have to look for electronic logging devices elsewhere.

ORBCOMM’s ELD allows fleets to turn their E-log platforms into productivity hubs. It’s more than just ELD compliance. This HOS (Hours-of-Service) solution combines a lot of management tools like DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting), advanced messaging, fuel monitoring, driver performance scoring, and more.

ORBCOMM offers a few ELD solutions, but the most popular ones are BT 500 and Pro-400. The former is a GPS tracking device for ELD compliance that delivers complete management, visibility, and monitoring of vehicles and drivers. Aside from tracking, it also involves data collection from the CAN bus system. The later is intended to prevent crashes and change any unsafe driving behavior.

Here are the best things about these e-log solutions:

  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • HOS Advisor
  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • In-Cab Scanning
  • Streamlined Roadside Inspections
  • Drivers Hours of Service Grid
  • Vehicle Exceptions Workspace

What People Like About the Orbcomm FleetManager

  • Multi-user fleet management
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Seamless integration
  • Plenty of search options
  • Excellent mapping and reporting

What People Don’t Like About the Orbcomm FleetManager

  • No training programs
  • Poor customer support

Price: How Much Is It?

Unfortunately, the pricing is only provided by the quote. That means you will have to contact the company to reveal prices and plans available. Make sure to consider the individual needs of your fleet and get a custom quote accordingly.

Summary: Is It Worth the Investment?

If you are a budget-conscious manager or fleet owner, you surely don’t want to invest money into something that doesn’t provide good value for money. Well, you can rest assured that you will get your money’s worth with Orbcomm FleetManager.

As you can see, this fleet management solution offers all you will need to increase your ROI and ensure regulatory compliance. That’s possible by minimizing operational costs, maximizing asset utilization, and improving driver productivity and safety too. This way, it will save you time and money as well.

The most powerful features of this solution include multi-user management, customized workspaces, advanced mining, and configurable reporting. On top of that, FleetManager integrates with a range of hardware devices and transport management systems.

There is still room for improvement when it comes to customer support, though. Also, we hope Orbcomm will start to provide training programs for their solutions in the near future. Apart from that, the Orbcomm FleetManager is a really good solution for fleet management.